Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Emptying my brain today

These past few days I've been diving so deep into copy writing.

If you're not sure what copy writing is. It's basically selling with words. Any advertisement or email or banner and so on with call to action to do something you are observing copy writing.

This is something I've been diving deep into to make into a career soon.

Once you decide to make something out of your life and you begin taking the steps to get there, you start noticing everything about that thing.

It's like if you wanted to buy a car. Let's say you wanted to buy a new BMW 3 series, 4 door, suped up twin turbo motor. Nice clean shiny wheels and so on.

After your decision has been made and you begin looking for the car. Going to car dealerships, start looking them up all over online.

Something happen.

You start noticing the car everywhere. You drive down the street you see a few, you go to the mall their everywhere. You go to the grocery stores, there all over the parking lot and so on.

Once you make that decision to get something or get into something, it begins popping out to you all the time.

That's what going on with me right now. I want to get into copy writing and I'm meeting all these new people who are into copy writing. My youtube channels are full of random copy writing videos.

I'm noticing every ad that trying to sale something and convert. It's wild.

Hopefully with the continuous mix of writing, reading, listening. Non-stop doing, this will lead me to get a few clients and eventually lead me to writing more and becoming a copy writer.

I really anxious right now. I'm following my goals and writing everyday.

The goal is to make this a career and eventually I'll start writing and publishing my own books.

I literally wrote this morning, just to get something out of my head. This is another one of those post where I literally sat down and just began writing.

I hope some of this made since. If not, sorry your just riding the wave of my thoughts.

Have a great day today.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So much Information Online..

Is it just me or is there way to much information online for everything.

I'm starting to believe that the world is becoming a place where if you really want something you can make it happen. It's becoming " The Land of No Excuses." 

Like, really.

Think about anything in the world. You can google it and find answers. Have you ever really thought about that?

Stop right now and think about.

Shits crazy right! Like anything, even answers to dumb ass questions. 

You can literally get information on anything you want in life. There was a time in life where if you didn't know someone or if you couldn't get access to the library you were screwed. 

The world we live in now, everyone can get access and has a chance. The power computers now sit in one of your pockets.  

You really do not have any room for excuses anymore. No one, especially if you live in America. You can't say you don't know something, you'd be lying. 

The only thing that can be said is, "I don't fully understand."

 Since there is so much information online. There are so many different perspectives you have to listen to and each person implants different information in your brain. 

The brain is starting to be looked at like a hard drive to a computer. It's like how much information can you attain and do something with.

The flood of information is great to a certain degree but it can a little excessive. It's like having 10 different teachers or more, on one subject and they all have different approaches that one subject.

You have to figure out who to listen to , are they creditable. Have they experienced success themselves or have they just learned about a subject and just trying a living off of you.

This is one of biggest issues I see with the flood of information available. But, it's better to have too much information, than not enough.

My advice is to find 1 or 2 people who sound a like. Make sure you feel comfortable with them and move forward.

Don't allow the flood of information to slow your learning process down because it will. Keep it to a limit and put time into learning whatever your trying to learn and you will succeed. Period. 

No more excuses why your not living up to your full potential. Just because your not swimming in money, shopping like crazy and taking a bunch of exotic trips around the world. 

Doesn't mean your not taking the right steps to get there. 

Stay focused, work hard and be patient.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Go after it...

Let's say your dream is to become a Body Builder. But your really skinny and never really worked out before. Don't have much money to pay for a gym membership and don't have transportation to get to that gym. Don't have much money to buy a bunch of protein shakes and food either,

All the obstacles are against you. Now, in many situations this would lead to a person to begin coming up with excuses, not become a body builder and can easily convince themselves why not.

This is how most dreams usually play out. You don't know anyone in the industry you want to get into. You don't have the money to pay for the things you really want to do. You feel like it's one thing after another. But, you still feel like it's the one thing that would change everything in your life.

This is where creativity comes into place.

If you have to go through a lot of obstacles to make a dream or ultimate goal come to life, then you must push your mind and body. Also known as where the work really begins.

This is when you must grab a book, start talking to people you've never talked to before. Start acting like the person you want to become, by making up things to do to help build up your skills.

Put yourself in situations where you feel like you are progressing towards your dream.

Back to the wanting to become a Body builder and you have not access to a gym, not money, no transportation.

Start working out at home. Go online, talk to people, find workout routines that help, go to the library and find physical books. Start looking for a job that can help fund your dreams.

Never let anything stop you from moving forward with your life.

The biggest issue is not having any idea what you want to do. Once you figure it out what you want. Figure out the actions necessary to move you in the direction you need to be moving towards.

Going after your dreams is a process that's attainable by anyone.

The title of this books says everything. There are always going to be things that get in your way towards an ultimate goal. Your thoughts are the gatekeepers that will allow anything to come into fruition. When you feel like your going after something and your not getting the results you want yet.

Allow your mind and to transform itself with the right thoughts.

Go check Break Throught Your BS and break your mind out of the limited belief and make your dreams a reality.

Your dreams can come true, it just takes hard work and dedication.

This book is located in Amazon, check the link out below for information.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Finding my voice

I'm trying to find my writers voice right now. I recently have the opportunity to write for the this sports blog and I'm going to try and do my best. But after looking up the information I have to write about. My mind just goes fucking blank. 

My minds going blank cuz I don't like sports. I don't even know sports talk that well. Unless it's like tournament games, leading up to the championship game and it's all over social media. While everyone is talking about it. That way I really don't have any other choice but to know whats going on. 

But besides that, I'm fucking

I know I'm going to figure it out. I've been researching like crazy, getting to know the fans and seeing whats most valuable to them.

It's just a little weird to me, I'm so use to writing about things I only know and care about. In this particular situation, they're leaving the information open with no real target, just very vague. I'm not saying thats bad, is just my first time and I think I'm just acting like a little

Writing out my thoughts and creating things for projects I'm into comes very natural for me. But coming up with ideas for something I'm not really into is kinda tuff. I see what David Ogilvy was saying in his book about working on things your into verse things you're not. 

He said how when you're not really into the project at hand, you tend to not have your best work. He also said to choose projects that are best for you, so you can always deliver your best work. Or at least that's how I took what he was saying. 

I'm really not into sports, but I know I gotta figure this shit out. 

On another note. 

It's been cool watching myself study all this copywriting stuff. I'm even writing a more than ever have. 

I even started reaching out to different copy writers online and I've been getting a little feed back here and there. This one dude wrote me back and advised me to take this copy writing training course out here in San Diego. It's called Portfolio Studio. 

I already reached out to them, but to hear a another person randomly bring it up makes me feel even more confident in the copy writers course. You know I'll keep you updated on how that works out. 

So far, I notice I type way more and I've been staying in my books, apps and videos. Just learning and practicing. 

I'm feeling great for the future and the rest of this year. I hope you are getting your shit together with me. It's hard out here if you don't have many people to talk to and motivate you to do shit. 

I'm down to be your friend and growth partner. Send me a message and lets chat. 

We need each other to encourage and help one another, even help open doors for each other if possible. 

This world has so many people because we are suppose to connect with each other and find our own crowd. If your looking for a crowd or people to hang out with to listen and encourage you like I said. I'm here.  

Make today great and tomorrow even greater. You're alive for a reason, keep searching for your purpose. When you find it and live it up. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spotify Has Taken a Stand and Removed “Hate Bands” From Its Streaming Library

After being alerted to a number of “hate bands” appearing on Spotify, the steaming service has followed Apple‘s lead and removed the content. Announcing the decision, Spotify released a statement saying that, “illegal content or material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like is not tolerated by us.” The company also explained how the music had made it on to the service, putting it down to the “hundreds of thousands of record companies and aggregators all over the world” who contribute the music to the site and are responsible for it.
As well as explaining the decision to remove the hate content from its site, Spotify also used the statement to discuss the launch of Patriotic Passions, a playlist that “is a soundtrack to an America worth fighting for” and features music from Jimi Hendrix to Khalid.
It’s been a busy summer for Spotify, with the streaming service being forced to deny inventing artists for some of its playlists and being hit with two more copyright infringement lawsuits.
This is a reblog from I'm a Spotify junkie and I had to post this. Very interesting. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Something New

So, I've deciding to quit reading so much material and start doing more.

Today, I reached that boiling point of fuck it and start put myself out to the world.

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you need to quit learning so much and just start doing?

Well, that's what I'm on now.  So far, I've sent 6 emails to different companies looking for blog help.

I figure I can start will doing work for free to start gaining some experience and eventually turn that free work, into paying work.

I don't know what to hell I'm going to do, I don't know what the projects are going to look like. But, I've been reading a bunch, watching a bunch of youtube videos, downloaded a bunch of apps, started reading a new book.

I'm currently reading "Ogilvy on Advertising". I read he's like one of the Gods of copy writing and advertising, so it only makes sense for me to start with his book.

It;s definitely worth the read. Right now int he book, he's talking about the importance of research and knowing the audience you are writing for. He also talks about the importance of continously learning your craft and being the best in your field.

But let's see how things go. I'm starting to put myself out to the world.

I'm ready to do my best and work my hardest to deliver great copy and possibly make someone some sales. I'm ready!

The start of my writing career is officially beginning.

I hope all of you are going after your dreams and goals. Hopefully one day, we can share the experience of wanting to make something happen and really live up to it and beyond.

Start your journey today if you've been lagging it. If you've been needing a little push. I just pushed ya, let's go.

The moment you start to act on who you really are things start to to change very quickly. - Gary V 

Attitude and Thoughts

There is a guy walking down the street.

He's panting. He's jogging.

It's early, cold and cloudy.

One of those beautiful cloudy days. When the sky peeks from behind the clouds with that, gorgeous tint.

His dog kept the perfect speed for them to jog in sync.

Then all of a sudden, his foot feels this slight thump, as he gets his foot caught trying to step on the curved.

It happened all in slow motion.

He screamed out "OOOHHHHH SSHITT".

As his left right cheek slowly hit the pavement. His dog took off as soon as he smacked the ground.

And he just laid there and thought to him self for a second.

Laughed a little, hopped up and ran over to his dog.

He gets him self together. He starts dusting off his shirt, his shorts then continue's jogging back home.

When arrives home, he opens the gate and lets his dog loose from the leash. Walks into his house release his toes from his tennis shoes, while slowly catching his breath begins to walk down the hall way.

He then takes off his clothes, sits on the side of this bed. And begins to laugh at himself as he gets ready to go back to sleep.

The End.

Don't take life too serious.

I read some statistics on Jennifer Read Hawthorne website about negative thoughts.

Did you know 80% of your thoughts are negative?

Does that shock you?

The one takeaway from the story is his attitude. He did not beat himself up for tripping but he merely laughed at himself.

Let's not take life too seriously and enjoy the ups and downs we go through.

Go check out Joel Osteen's book " Think Better, Live Better" if you're struggling with more positive thoughts.

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself and enjoy them falls. Let me know what you think of the book.

Link below:

Monday, August 14, 2017

A letter I wrote my brother in Prison..


 I write to you from my dining room table. It’s about 11:50 pm on the dime, cold, a small cool breeze to keep my toes curled.

I miss you, man.

I miss when we use to play at the basketball court at the park. You were always the best on the court. I was so proud to say yep, that’s my older brother.

It’s crazy how much life has changed bro. It seemed like we were kids only a few years ago. As time flies and we sit on our own spaces. I know you, like me. Sit and think of the world and the possibilities of life.

Don’t ever let the beauty of life go bro. I dare you not to. Never let your current situation make you believe this is what forever looks like because it doesn’t. For every second that passes, is only opportunities for us to shine our best shine.

You have every second to be your best. Every second to have the most respect for another living person. A second to have faith.

I know you’re in one of the wildest places ever but your still somewhere. I can write this letter and by the grace of God, it gets to you and you read this and just smile. Smile because you are reading this, this very second. I’m smiling with you right now and it only took seconds to think about it and make it happen.

Use your seconds wisely and think of your next move. Think of the next decisions for the next decisions like chess.

You, like me, are only human beings trying to make the best out of the time we have. We are supposed to go through tough things to make us tougher. Believe it or not, you’re in your situation right now because that's how it's supposed to be right now.

I wouldn’t be as strong as I am if I didn’t have you in your situation. You make me stronger. Like how people make people stronger. At least that’s what believe. I believe all things will change in this world. Even if it’s making someone else life better.

People affect people in so many ways.

Look how people are changed by situations. Look at all the change created by Martin Luther King Jr. He changed things in a huge way. He wasn’t afraid to use his voice and knew he had power.

Bro, to be real. I’ve been reading some shit lately about becoming an Arthur. I think that’s something you should really consider doing big bro. Just like Martin Luther King Jr. use your voice bro. Allow your words to tell stories. Think of things and write it down and keep writing bro.

I’m starting to have this belief in writing bro. It sets you free because you can write about anything.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a business or hanging out with some cool ass people on an island or traveling the world? Bring it to life with your words.

Write bro.

Writing may be the key to success bro. I’m not playing at all. With the world, we live in right now. It’s not hard to get a good story out to the world. You just have to consistently work at it. Whatever you stay consistent at and never stop marketing and putting stuff out to the world. It will work.

For some strange reason, the world will accept it now. Especially if it’s honest and from a true heart.

When I say honest, I mean honest out of your own mind. We all as human beings think different about things and we can do anything we want to do. There are no limitations.

With this new millennium, we are currently in and this new technological world we're moving towards. It doesn’t matter your situation anymore. It doesn’t matter where you live. Nothing matters anymore. The world wants people who do things now.

Everyone wants to hear the new story. Everyone wants to believe things are possible through the eyes of another human being. That's where the belief comes from.

Sorry for just going on and on. I just want you to know that anything is still possible bro. Don’t let prison stop your mind and body from success bro. You could create a story that is a hit and goes viral and helps you get out that bitch. Or you could create something that not only helps you but helps out the family as well bro.

Don’t let that place get you not to believe bro. That's why that place was created. But If you have a pen and paper or a computer to type on, get it going, bro. The best stories we tell now and the shit that goes viral now is shit just from real ass people.

Now, I cannot guarantee that anything will actually happen. But what I can guarantee is a shot. And the more shots you take by creating and putting out to the world your thoughts and ideas, the more chances you have to swing at success.

Remember It’s all about consistency. To be real that's the hardest part. The one thing that holds most people back is that consistency. Things always sound good and easy when there is no plan and it could happen over night mentality.

Nothing great or nothing that is worth real value happened over night. And if you know of something that did. That shits very rare and that's not the way life works.

The great things take time. The great thing took none stop moving towards a specific goal. Michael Jordan would not have been Michael Jordan if he didn't have any goals.The goal is what matters.

See, the goal is what's going to allow you to track your progress for you to see it yourself grow. Unlike rich people who have secretaries. The regular people must do things themselves and watch their own schedules. Everything starts with a single idea, which turned into actions, which lead to consistency, to give results of success.

Bro, you have everything in you to be the best you can be in this world. Never believe what anyone says. Never believe your current situation is your only situation because it’s not.

You still have years and a whole lot of chances at bat.

To me, life is about living your life to the fullest and leaving valuables pieces behind. You know heroes of the times because of the pieces they left for you and the world.

They left their work for us. They left their thoughts and ideas behind. Those thoughts and ideas are so strong. They are strong because they made it possible for you to give something they created value. There are so many people in this world you could call the greatest people of all time.

But I got a secret for you.

Are you ready?

You are Greatest, you are the secret. It's your mind and actions you decided to take. You are important enough to create something everyone could have and share forever. The only thing that stopping it from happing is you.

You have to grab your balls and figure out what the fuck you like, what the fuck you would like and start writing.

Create your visions. Create stories that make people uncomfortable. Tell stories that make you cry when you're writing it. Create stories that would encourage a youngster who may need to hear your words and finally straightens up. Write a story to kids.

You are the Great person that could do great things if you wanted to. You just have to truly want to.

One thing I’ve learned from reading many books is that you must do things successful people have done before you. When you look at history and the outcomes of society. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to believe they can do it.

The shits that's crazy is that it is possible. Based on your situation, you may not be able to think about what you can do to move forward. But I'll tell you right now, writing is an option for you.

I wrote this to tell you to write. Write a novel or something you think would be valuable to one person in this world. It doesn't even have to be long.

All it needs is a beginning and ending.

I’m taking this online class from the University of Irvine on this app called Cousera. It’s an online class on doing presentations and she was talking about the importance of story telling.

All a story needs is a grabbing intro, some grabbing meat to keep the reader's interested and close it out.

Yes, it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds, but it is that easy. At least from what I’ve read. I’m currently working on a book right now.

I’ll go into it on another letter though. This one is getting super long.

Let me know your thoughts on this bro. Let me know if you're want to get into this writing world with me. Whatever you produce, I’ll do my part and market it.

You already have a story to tell right now. I’ll tell you this bro. This shit feels good to see things unfold. Once you start getting into a good thought, the shit just starts pouring out.

But again let me know if your down and we can move on to phase two.

I love you, just sitting here at my table thinking about you and what we could possibly do to still create an amazing future for us, bro.

I Love You.

Hit me back…

Your loved one, your little brother.


Friday, August 11, 2017

The New iPhone 8

The new Iphone 8 mock up review. I don't think I'm going to be switching up my phone this year. I hope Apple does something amazing with the features of this phone. I'm not really feeling it right now.

Damn I miss Steve Jobs.

I'm not feeling the camera on the back tucked in the corner. The full screen is a great feature but I think I have to see this phone in person to really say how I feel. But all in all, I don't know. I'm not that impressed so far.

Check out the video review below...

What are your thoughts?

I signed up for online school.

I'm starting to take some new classes online to sharpen my writing skills.

Have you ever heard of Coursera?

It's an website and app dedicated to educating individuals from many accredited colleges. It's legit as fuck. They offer many free courses you can take on a wide variety of subjects. You can pay for particular courses and get a certification upon completion or you can do like me and take the free classes.

Go check it out.

I'm currently enrolled in two courses right now. First the Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen course. I'm taking this course to have a better understanding of presenting, mainly because I'm a salesman and I do presentation pretty much everyday. This is a great course for anyone who goes to college or even has a job. I believe presenting and selling your ideas is a valuable skills to have.

The teachers talk slow and they make it really easy and fun to learn. They throw in many random test and quizzes to make sure you're paying attention and actually learning the information.

I'm also taking English for Journalism. If you've been paying attention to my blog for the past few weeks. I'm planning to switch my careers and slowly make my way to become a copy writer. From all of the job postings I've seen, they always request or like to see people with a journalism degree.

I've personally never obtained the degree but in the world we live in now, I don't think it really matters that much, at least in this field at least in the direction I'm going. I believe companies I'm looking to work for, care more about the results you can bring to the table .

I figured since I don't have a degree. I might as well learn as much as I can. A journalism degree is preferred preference on pretty much all of the job postings I've seen.

Now that I've been enrolled in this course, I understand why jobs are looking for people with this skill. I'm learning a lot about the importance of journalism and basically how it changes things in the world. I'm also learning a lot about communication.

Journalism has been around basically forever. It can be the voice of the people or the voice of the government. I'm not going to go into to much detail, but the shits dope.

This course has been great so far. Once I've completed the courses, I'll gave a full review of my thoughts and experiences.  

Until then, go check out , there may be a course that can help you grow and a more valuable person in your field.

Tyler the Creator creates a stop motion video.

This is cool. They show the process of creating a stop motion video with Tyler the Creator. Two words, fuckin hilarious.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Letting my mind go to write.

These past few weeks have been the most interesting weeks of my life.

I believe I've finally may have figured out what I would like to do for the rest of my life, my job sales job has been picking up and I'm learning to be a better father.

I've been researching places to learn and grow from to be a better writer/copy writer. I found this school in San Diego that specializes in copy writing and portfolio building. I'm going to be speaking with co-owner later today and we'll see how the conversation goes.

From what it looks like, I will be able work with current copy writers in the industry who can help guide me and help get me where I'm trying to go.

I also began taking this journalism class online. I've been learning some great shit from journalism.

Did you know the first printing press what created in 1454 in Germany? Did you also know that the first news paper in America was called the Public Occurrence and it was originated out of Boston in the 1690's.

That shits dope.

This learning business has been effecting the way I look at the world as a man and the way I've starting to carry myself.

I work for the oldest security system company in the world, ADT. I work with small business owners in protecting their investments and securing their product.

The one things I've been doing differently is getting in front of different people more. I'm starting to have this real, I don't give a fuck attitude about putting myself out to the world and it's showing in my sales.

I'm also beginning to question my fatherhood. I would still kinda consider myself a new dad even though my son is only 2 years old.

I've recently been thinking about how much parents effect their kids. I was one of those kids who's parents cared more about themselves then their kids. When I say them selves I mean they were so busy keeping up with other people that they didn't really care about what we were doing.

The thing they held over our heads was, " Hey, you have clothes on your back and a roof over your head."

Now that I am a father and I can see how my actions effect my kids, it really makes me question parenting as a whole.

Parents have a large part of their kids lives in their hands. If parents don't start to truly care for their kids and take care of themselves. By following their own dreams and living up to their own true potential, the kids will get trapped following the the wrong people. Because they will definitely not follow their parents foot steps.

I personally feel like parenting is about being the best you can be and be their for your kids. So they can look at you and be proud of your effort. When kids begin growing up and finding who they are, they will begin looking at whats going on in the world. And when they realize how lazy and unmotivated their parents are, they will look for other people to look or connect with. And that's when the wheel starts to spin another direction.

I'm just letting my mind go right now. But I gotta get to work.

I hope you enjoyed my little mental thoughts. Now like always, I gotta get to work.

Have a Great Thursday.

P.s I didn't proof read this, so if something sounds crazy. My


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Learning to write copy is not easy...

Have you ever wanted to become a writer?

I have this passion for writing, or at least I think I do.

It's fucking hard. There is so much study needed to be a successful writer. But I have come to the conclusion that writing is what I want to do.

Have you ever tried to write something with intention. Like tried to get your point across to someone but it didn't seem like your point was getting across. Kinda like you and the reader were on two different sides of the road, going different directions.

That's how I'm feeling right now.

I'm on the one side of the road, trying to merge into the turning lane to make a u turn, but there is so much fucking traffic.

I feel like I'm battling major traffic getting into this writing world.

I know it's possible but it's definitely going to take a lot of time and a lot of work.

I'm learning the strategies necessary to grow as a writer but there is so much damn information. I read and read and practice and practice. There is so much more to learn, do and understand.

I've even reached out to a few copy writers for advice and they all give me the cold shoulder. I think their afraid or something. Their starting to make me believe this is definitely something I need to get into and expose.

They don't write me back once I ask for help and if they do they are trying to sell me something. I get get it to a certain degree. But by them not writing me back, is teaching me a life lesson. And that's to be patient.

It's teaching me that I haven't found the correct way to approach them and ask for help. That's definitely something I'm personally working on conquering and that's doing what I hate, asking for help. I really hate asking for help from strangers, I can deal with the people I know.

I figure I'll keep researching them and reaching out to them on Instagram until somebody actually gives me the time of day and gives me some good pointers.

I'm considering going to back to school for Journalism/Advertising to understand the craft of a writer better. That's one of the most companies seem to have in common on everyday job description requirement. Is a degree on one of those fields.

That's just in the air. I know we live in a world that only cares about the results brought to the table. So the whole school stuff is just an idea. I would rather flatter a company with some great copy that achieves results and financial gain. I have this vision of a company reaching back out to me because of something I created for them.

This is my little morning writing and rant.

If you got this far, Thank you for reading. You're reading about a guy who wants to get into copywriting.

I'm at ground zero, very determined, open for any suggestions. I'm currently taking a few online courses for writing. If you have any questions about copy writing please ask, if don't know the answer I can get it for you.

Until then, I will keep updating my growth to become an author/ copy writer on this blog. My story will unfold and I will tell this tale of my life. I'm putting these words out to the world backed with dedicated hard work.

Follow your dreams, work hard and stay focused my people.

Fight for your freedom, it must be taken.

God Bless


Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I'm slowly learning the art of copy writing.

One of the most important keys to copy writing is writing. Getting behind the computer screen or pen and paper and spending time writing down thoughts, feelings and ideas.

My challenge is pouring all my feelings out. I meet a guy at a toastmasters class and he gave me some advice.

He told me to be completely honest when I write and make myself vulnerable.

I've been trying and practicing being vulnerable as much as possible. I've noticing myself thinking a lot more when I write to help open me up. The shits, not easy.

When your learning something new and you really have no real clue what your doing. It's like a good challenging feeling.

I'm running a little behind schedule today. I just wanted to get some words up on the blog before I went into work.

I need to keep doing these quick writes to help stay on to of my writing. I have to learn the art of copy to eventually become an author. That's the ultimate goal.

Live the writers life. That's what I'm learning and will become. I'm slowly taking the steps by learning and writing everyday.

Some of my post may not make since all the time, just know I'm practicing and I will eventually be get the author I'm dreaming to become.

Time for work.

Have a great day today.

Monday, July 31, 2017

A Passion for Something...

Have you ever had a passion for doing something?

Like Anything?

And id you do anything that something?

This is the problem everyone who is not living up to their true potential are going through. They sit and think and think. Do more thinking and a lot of talking with more thinking. 

The way to follow your passion is to Get Shit Completed.

You have to really be passionate about something and start working at it.

Fingers to keyboard, pen to paper.

The people who are following their passion and accomplishing goals are putting in the work everyday 

No Excuses. 

People hate trends and hate whats going on this current state of the world.

We’re going through a massive change in society. We are going into the age of technology and this shits happening. Like it or not. 

It’s a mix of great and bad all at the same time.

I believe the real passionate and real hard workers are going to be the separators of the world moving forward. 

I believe finding the passion in yourself is very important. No matter what it is, you have a chance. Everybody has a real chance at life right now, especially if you live in America. 

No Joke. 

We’re in the beginning stages of a whole new world. 

Either get on board and follow your passion. Or get the fuck out the way and hop your your cell phone. 

If you’re reading this right now. You must be a person who is on board or trying to get on board. 

I pray for your hard work and dedication to your PASSION. You can do it. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Non-stop research

These past few days I've been doing nothing but researching copy writing. I am submerging myself into this world. 

I've been receiving great advice from many, many, many people. One of my main takeaways is to start doing work for free for my friends and family. 

Once I get some work started and completed. I'll get my portfolio together and build start moving forward with what I feel will be my new career.

To be 110% honest I'm really nervous. I really don't know what the hell to do. I just know I am a salesman, I really love to write and I've always been the guy trying to do advertising for someone. 

Copy writing seems as thought it would challenge me and make me really apply myself more than ever. 

I went to this toast masters meet up yesterday and this guy asked me "Why do I like to write". I've never had someone ask me that question before and it through me off a little. I sat there for a few seconds to figure out the real reason why and all I could say was I just really enjoy doing it. Writing makes me feel good. It gets me out of my bed in the morning and keep me up at night. 

I don't try to write when I write, I just write. It's also a really great feeling of completion. I've get really lazy at times and I fuck around on social media a lot and there are days I feel like I didn't so shit. 

When I write, I know what I have to do and I know what it takes to finish. Writing makes me feel good because I have complete control over it. It's either I do it or I don't and that's it. No grey areas, no one else to blame, no excuses, it is what it is. You know what you must do to get through whatever your writing by getting to the end. 

I believe this new copywriting venture will work out great. All I know is that I must keep writing and doing work for people. And allow my skills to grow through practice and persistence. 

Wish me luck, 
until the next post.

Have a Great Day today...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When things start feeling right.

I woke up today and got a good walk in. Last night I began reading Gary Halberts Letter and the book begins by him speaking about the being fit and taking care of your health.

Soo of course after reading that last night I woke up and went for a 2 mile walk. I sweated a little bit and brought Eli, my dog. It morning exercise is really great. I feel wide awake right now and ready to attack my day.

The reason why I started reading Gary Halberts Letters Book is because I'm considering getting into copy writing. I really believe this is a career that would be greta for me. I love writing and this career is exactly what I need to do.

I've heard of copy writing before but never dug deep into it. These past few days this is the only thing I've been doing. I've just been listening to people say how difficult it is but very rewarding at the same time.

Now, if you'v been reading my blog for the past few days, you know how serious I have been about finding a job that can allow me to be free and do things. This job is definitely that.

When I think about my life and what I have always done to move forward and grow. I always find myself doing advertising for myself. Without knowing I was creating copy for the past 10 years of my life.

I think this may be it. I'm going to keep pushing towards this and make this happen. It makes the most since and it's something I am proud of. I've always been the guy who like creating ads for something. It's just fun. Being able to create something that gets people to react and buy what they want is always fun.

Spending money is fun. Getting what we want is fun. This career will allow me to have fun and help people have fun by spending their hardworking money on things they want like myself.

I'm going to step up to the plate on this one.

I'm really fucking excited because I think I've finally discovered something that I like to do and it not only pays well. It will allow me to travel and work from my laptop. This is all I really want to do with my life.

I need to travel and experience things. By this Friday I will have a least started working on my website and I'm going to get to writing way more then ever.

Anytime something comes to my mind. It's going to get written down.

This shits really cool. I'm kinda nervous but I'm really not. I really like to sale and I really like to write. These two things are what is required to be a successful copy writer and I feel like that's me.

We will see what happens my friends. Thanks for checking in and I will keep you posted.

If anyone reading this is a copy writer. I would love for you to reach out to me. I'm open to any new copy writer suggestions???

Have a great Tuesday everybody.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Weed helps...

Weed helps me be creative and lowkey more productive. Especially in the morning. When i wake and bake, I fuckin create with ease. I workout, make breakfast read. exercise, meditate and so on. When I don't smoke, I find myself being more lazy.

I don't know why.

I think the weed may be my motivation. My morning driver to get up and get high.

There is something great in being high, like really. Have you ever been really high and tried to be creative. The shit works. At least it works for me.

I think the world needs a weed day, not for 4/20 but actually a real life weed day and everyone gets high. That day in real life would never happen but think of all the great things that would happen if we did have a weed day.

There would probably be minimum violence. It would be like a time of peace and love. Pure good vibes.

Like really, when have you ever heard of a riot or a big fight at a concert, when it was a smoke fest or something in those lines. Never.

The weed is such a beautiful drug. Like right now at this very moment I'm not high. And the thought of being high right now, just puts a big smile on my face.

I remember those morning when I would wake up at 5am just to be able to smoke and write in the mornings. I would spark up on my patio, look at the mountain and get loaded and start the writing.

I don't know why I just wrote about how I feel about weed, but I did.

Marijuana, I appreciate

If you smoke and have a cool story share it and lets laugh about it.

Until then, I'm out.

ohh and p.s. If my writing is all fucked up and stuff, I didn't reread it.

Good night...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

How did you wake up today?

Today when I woke up I had a little mental battle with myself. I was thinking how great it felt laying in my bed. The sun wasn't even lifted high enough to brighten my room. It's fuckin early. Then I thought to myself get your ass up and go write something. Today was the first time in a while I actually listened to myself and got up and started typing. To this exact minute, the sun is still parked underneath the mountains.

I don't know why I told myself to get up and write, but here I am.

I always wonder what people think of my writing. It's like I don't give a damn but I do at the same time. I think I care a little because I want to always find someway to provide value. I always want people to leave me with more than we meet. Either smiling, think about something they haven't thought about in a while or a life realization, just something.

I'm been considered a deep person from some on my friends. I love having conversations where it leads to something about life, our decisions and takeaways. I find myself always being the person to get someone to cry in simple conversations, by simply asking questions Shit gets to real sometimes.

Lowkey, I wonder if people even care about each other anymore. I'm the type of person who treats everyone the same. I enjoy hearing stories and I enjoy telling them as well. But some of the conversations I've had with individuals seem as though no one really asked them questions before. It's weird. I've had a a decent amount of people thank me for just listening.

One thing I fight with is figuring out how to use what I love, to find a career. The only thing I really want to do is travel the world, meet different people and work from my laptop. I swear that's like the dream. Waking up when you feel like it, doing what makes you feel good, building relationships with different people and working hard on your passion.

I wonder how many people struggle to find what they love to do. Like really struggle, that trying stuff and failing, back to back.

I'm starting to believe that most people don't really care about figuring what they love to do. I think most people only care about paying their bills and buying shit. I'm starting to believe those are the real lucky people.

The people who can just watch television or be online all day without any thought of "what am I doing" is dope. I'm around a lot of these types of people and I get it. There is no worry, no expectation of self, no goals, no drive, it's wild.

But to the people who are out in this world going for something. Stay strong and stay as focused as you can on your goals. Possibilities are real, they just take a little time.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 10X Rule By: Grant Cardone

This book has really got me goin. I've gone through the first couple chapters and I can already tell where this book is going to take me. If you haven't checked this book out yet, go click below and pick one up for yourself.

Let me know your progression and your thoughts on this book.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Starting a book club.

These past few days me and my good friends Pro have been working with each other for the past few years. We've been inspiring each other and have become each others support system and great friends. 

He's been working on this project called " Bigger Vision " for the past few years and hasn't quite taken it to the next level yet. He's been planning things, working on things and really wants to create a foundation for inspiration and community. 

Recently, I've been drilling in his head he's gotta do more. He's gotta put more things on the board and fail as fast as possible. He has been thinking and talking more, then actually doing. To be honest, I kinda reached a point when I was like bruh, either get serious about this shit or quit and do something else. We've gone back and forth and I think, I've finally pushed through to his head and get him doing more moving.

For some reason we had a discussion yesterday about reading books and we start shooting different ideas to work on. It started off with him saying he was selling some website to people and he was working on some other things. I'm really not sure how the conversation got into books but I ended up saying we need to start a book club. He was like "oh shit, let's do it".

Me being who I am was like not we need to set a date and time as well if we're going to really do this. So we came up with Sunday nights at 9pm-9:30pm to talk about a chapter. The book we decided to start with is Grant Cardones " The 10X Rule". We figured this book would be best because we both had it and wouldn't have to worry about any excuses for not getting this started. 

The goal we came up with is to read and discuss a chapter a week. Every Sunday night we will talk about what we learned form the chapter and our takeaways. Pro has already began brining people aboard. I'm really excited about this. 

We are both, book readers to a certain degree. Meaning we both read a occasion but not consistently.  Hopefully we can use this club as a way to work on our consistency and use the information to help us grow as individuals. 

We're going to call the book club " The Bigger Vision Book Club". 

If you're looking to join please email me at and we'll slide you in the group.

I'll keep you posted in what I'm learning and the progress of the new book club.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Black Panther Trailer

I hope this movie turns out better and it looks. This quick one minute, fifty two second trailer has me sold so far. The graphics look sick and I've heard this should be a great film. We'll see.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The High School Reunion

Today my family and I gathered our things and made our way from our beautiful sunny San Diego to the desert hot Palm Springs. Today my fianรงe had her 10 year high school reunion.

It was like a 2 hour drive and we stayed at the Holiday Innnnn. Quick note, nice hotel and I loved the continental breakfast. I think, they do to make sure people get they lazy asses up to get the fuck out the hotel room on

But it was pretty funny at her 10 year reunion. The conversations were really short with some people and the focus is basically all about the old days. There were a lot of people she said changed a lot. Some lost a lot of weight and people don't recognize, who they were. A few people became gay, a few people unfortunately have passed away and everyone else is still just living in the town stuck, in that hot ass desert.

I thought it was the guts. The conversations started off like, hayyyyuyhh. How you been, what have you been up too. Oh my goodness, I haven't seen you in forever, how's life. Do you gave any kids are you married, where do you live. Ohh my gosh, realllyyy and so on. Shits was hilarious. Some dude got really fucked up. hahahaha

I unfortunately didn't attend my 10 year reunion. My reunion was held on the same day as my little cousins wedding. And that made it really easy for me to decide what I was going to do. Cousins wedding of course.

But after going to my girls reunion, I kinda wish I did go to mine. Low-key.

It is kinda cool seeing all your old friends from high school. Talk some shit to people and just laugh at the old days. Even if you really didn't mess with to many people. It's more of the fact of just going, it's kinda cool.

If your reunion is coming up. Don't be a little punk, just go. Worse thing that will happen, is you'll never see them again.

Does anybody have any funny high school or random reunion stories?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I got a new job.

If you read my previous post, you know how frustration I was with my current employer. Them not trying to grow with this new world we live in. Just sad. They were on my nerves and they acted like they had all the answers, because of their previous success. But they can't realize that the world they use to live in is gone and never coming back.

This is how I wanted to talk to them and them. Kayne said it best for me:


Since, it's not my business and they specifically told, not to don't worry about their business and worry about myself, that exactly what I did. I took things into my own hands and got another job.

I still work with them, on a straight commission bases to help keep the clients I was working with happy. And at the end of the day, we're both still making money from those clients. That's all that really matter to me now, working with them moving forward.

So I start the new job this Monday. I got a job at ADT. Yea, the security company. It's cool, I guess.

The only reason why I have to have a job is because I have a family to take care of. I have my fiance, who makes a few hundred bucks watching our god son/nephew and my 2 year old son.

My real plan is to start a digital marketing company and start building my own clientele. I'm getting better with my marketing skills. I'm currently doing free work to build my skills and I'm taking some online courses. I plan to start really marketing myself toward mid July of this year.

I'm still building my confidence in getting in front of someone and telling them what I can do for them. I've done some facebook ads and seeing the small results I received, I can only imagine what it's going to be like when I really get it. I've also started to reach out to different online digital marketers and their reaching back helping me out and getting me going.

Well see, hopefully I can keep this going and document my progress.

To be honest, I feel like I'm battling with myself to stay focused. I'm reaching a point in my life where I'm really getting tired of the same results. There was a time in my life where I was winning at everything. I had a really nice car with t.v's, rims, loud ass 15" speakers. I lived on my own, my rent was like $1600 a month, I was paying it with ease by myself. I went clubbing damn near everyday, I had a lot of female cuddle buddies and I was shopping all the damn time. I was always the guy that had no problem paying for everybody when we went out. I always had money. Good times.

When I look back at the same time, I realize how much I didn't know and how much more I could've accomplished, if I had the right people in my life. I was just blowing money. But I'm so happy I went through that and did it.

I've learned so much and I have so much experience from all those experiences. I'm really proud of myself. Even though life is not exactly where I saw it would be when I was younger. It's going in the direction I want it to and I'm in full control.

I'll end this here. But man, this new world we live in and the opportunities available to us right now is endless.

Let's all shoot for the galaxies and leave our legacies. I'll be checking back in shortly.

I'll end this post on a great GaryVee note:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My managers SUCK.

My job is great but my managers suck. Like they really, really fucking suck. They don't encourage me or my co-workers to work harder. They only focus on money. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but when your so focused on just money and your not doing anything to increase awareness to bring in more money there is a HUGE problem.

One thing I've learned from the many books and articles I've read, is the importance of growing your business. If you're not putting in the work to grow and get in front of new clients. Not doing anything to stay in front of your previous or current clients and not focusing on your client retention, your business has an BIG issue.

That is the issue I am going through right now with my current employer. It's really sad. They pull us in the office just to say how bad it is. The numbers are down, we need to get more sales, what's going on with all the orders we use to get and so on. The problem here is their not coming up with ways to get the numbers up. Their only complaining and complaining gets nothing done. Complaining only create a bad environment and lowers the vibrations in the office, which intern only decreases business.

I respect their drive for money and they have a running business, but I don't respect their lack of doing what it takes to get the money they feel their not getting anymore. I'm not sure If someone in their inner circle is causing them to stand still and has a hold on their neck. But they definitely need to get their shit together now.

As an ex business owner and seeing how my business failed, there are 3 things I personally recognize that will help the business dramatically.

First, they need to come up with a plan of action.

Second, they need to listen to the employees and ask what we think can be done to increase revenue for the business.

Third, do something about it. Create goals with deadlines and get shit done.

If anyone reading this has some great insights on how to approach people difficult people in this situation or have any recommendations to work with my management, I'm all ears?

Has any of you dealt with this type of situation before? If so, what did you do?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Joe Rogan interviews Gary Vee

I consistently listen  to these guys and they currently have the most influence on my life right now.  Joe Rogan gave GaryVee a great interview. This is a must watch.

My takeaway. Think it, do it. Get shit done.

What's your thoughts?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Good Vibes

Living in San Diego has created a really cool space inside my mind. The vibes from this song just makes me want to go on a cruise down the beach. 

Tribal Seeds great job on this song. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's been a while..

To the few people who have been hanging on and waiting for me to post. I'm back again.

I go on my blog escapades but I always find myself sinking right back. I've been running this blog for years and it's feels so good to have this space of mine.

I have so many memories of my life on here. I have so many things I've tried to teach on One thing I've noticed on here is that I always continue to try. Trying makes my life feel so much better and complete.

It's probably bad to that I try so much stuff. But I don't give a damn.

I've learned how to care for people more, how to trust people more and how to love better than I ever have in my life. Trying has led me to personal success. I have many failures and trying things that didn't work in my favor. But to me, it's always been worth the risk.

It does suck, when it sucks though.  Like really,sucks. $2.16 in the bank account with a son a d a wife at home is never a good feeling. Being in that situation has taught me to, always stay positive and keep the best attitude possible.

I'm so determined to succeed in this life of mine. I don't care about going through the shit. The shit is apart of life. I'm really starting to really realize that. Like really, think about the bullshit we go through, time to time. We think to ourselves, Fuucckkk. And after it's all said and done. Nothing really happens but the lessons we learn.

I've learned from trying to read many different books to re adjust the situation by asking myself questions...


What did I learn from that experience?

What really the most  important thing in my life?

What if I just died right now, is this that serious?

What do I have right now that I'm happy about?

Who do I care about enough to work harder for.

Those few questions have kept me strong and moving the most positive direction of my life. Life is great right now.

I'm definitely going to keep this thing going. I always miss blogging.

I'm growing and I have a long road ahead of me to reach the point, I see in my mind of me. I'm will always fight the good fight and I hope you all, are fighting with me.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Back again...

So it's been while. I always find myself getting into my blog and going and going. Then life happens and Instop for a while and get back on it again. This blog is like my getaway from myself when I find myself feeling lile I need to be more constructive.

I'm writing this from my cell phone right now. It's 11:17pm, I'm sitting here with my family watching  Vampire Diaries. Definitely my wifes show and me being the supportive husband, I watch it with her.  It's lowkey entertaining, super

I'm done for now. just came to check in. I have some imteresting things thats been going on, I'd like to share.

Thanks for reading and Thank you to the few followers that keep checkjng in.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vlog #004 | Doctor visit

I finally had to get ready to go back to work. But before that I had to do my parent duties and take my son in for his yearly check up.

But I'm working on creating videos that are entertaining and hopefully transition them into something more focused on my goals. But we'll see.

Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Vlog #003 | Things Change

Vlog #003, I am trying to get better at telling stories on my channel. It feels good to know the only reason I'm creating these video is to stretch my creativity. It was a fast day for me. I didn't do anything spectacular. On to the next one.

Food | Chicken Connoisseur

The chicken connoisseur is back with his reviews. I remember when I was first introduced to this kid, he only had 20,000 and 30,000 views on his channel. Then once reddit got a hold of it, it was over. This kids getting nothing less then 1,000,000 views minimum with video, another overnight youtube celebrity. This kid is hilarious.

Big Up to Boss Man.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Artist Alert | Demo Taped

New Artist alert. Pigeons & Planes put me up on this kid Demo Taped. He has his own sound, 18 years old, he's a producer/singer/songwriter. He started making music in his bedroom in Atlanta. He's signed to 300 Entertainment and he's touring the country. This is the type of great original music we need to support.

Check some of his music out. The kids pretty dope, you can hear his futuristic sound in his beats.

ARTIST: Demo Taped

SONG: Game On

SONG: STAY feat. Amber

Monday, January 2, 2017

Artist: Rich The Kid

This short noisy documentary on Rich The Kid was chill. I have this interesting fascination with this kid and his career. It's amazing how his music and his era of music is effecting people. This kids grinds, skates and on every video I see him talking he is either loaded ass fuck or loaded ass But he works his ass off, this kid get mad respect from me. He's making his money and making his dreams come true.

It's sucks how much hate he receives from the older generation of rapper who hate his style. It's like they don't understand that he looked up to them but didn't want to be them. But that the end of the day, that hate is going to keep him on top of what ever he is trying to do.

Vlog | 002 - No Buckets

So this turned out to be a great day. I pulled out the waffle maker and made some cheese quesadilla waffles. Then I got out of the house and shot around the court with my boy Isaiah. The short shoot around made me realize how much I need to get back into the the gym.smh lol

Happy New Year!! ๐ŸŽ‰

Be Authentic

Thank you Evan Carmichael for helping me stuart this year off with a bang. Following my dreams and going after my goals is happing this year. This video affirms my own feelings about myself and how I am becoming more comfortable with myself.

Make this year count guys. Have the courage to be authentic and go after your beliefs in yourself this year. Use this video, it's a great push.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Resolution from Gary

Words from the Internet Boss. Gary Vaynerchuk

The YouTube Vlog has begun...

I've been thinking about Vlogging for sometime now and I finally said fuck it. I started December 28th, 2016. I have a lot to learn about storytelling and create videos that flow.

I didn't want to start on the New Year 2017 so I started today. I have a lot to learn and get use to but this will be a great new venture in my life.

Subscribe to my Youtube channel : Travis Triggs

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fashion | 2016 Best Men's Style Brands of 2016

I think Levis is the most classic and respected American brand of all time. It does not have to try to represent anything but the American People. That's one of my favorites for the year followed by Supreme. Nothing like a fresh dark navy pair of Levis, black/white Chuck Taylor All Star high top classics and a white Supreme Red Box logo shirt.

Music | 2 Chainz - Big Amount feat Drake

Song: This song is a banger. We all know just about every song Drake is featured on is going ot be a banger. Well here's another for the books.

Video: I really like how this video was made at the concert and how the editor brings the live footage in and out of the video. It lowkey look like someone followed 2 Chainz around and got creative. I think more artist should do video like these.

Let me know what you think?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Music | Big Sean - Bounce Back

Song: Fuckin Big Sean never stops and I never will stop making hits. This is one of those songs you can turn up on in a club or a party. Dj's are definitely going to be spinning this track, especially in the strip clubs.

Video: The visuals for this video were dope. The colors are dope and the upside down ocean/city was dope as well. I like how they threw the phat ass's in there but not to much. The big ass moon in the background looked cool. I do think the video was a little repetitive.

Let me know what you think?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hip-Hop's First Billionaire

This is huge for hip hop community. To see this mogul scale himself to the degree to be in route of becoming the first hip hop industry billionaire says a lot about the hip hop culture and the direction it's going. Puffy is breaking all the rules that were set against him, especially being a black american in this country.

The second it's officially announced he's a billionaire I'm going to play Bad Boy records, all Biggy would be proud. Mad respect Sean John Combs.

Music | Migos - Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert

I can't stop playing this song. The beat goes hard, it's swaggy and the video turns the video up. Listen to this with speakers or good earphones.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Music | Travis Scott - Biebs in the trap feat. NAV

New video alert. Travis finally drops a video off his birds in the trap album. I think this is his first video drop off the album.

Song: It's interesting how he named this song biebs in the trap, I get it. This song is a banger. I highly advise to play this at a house party. This album is actually a banger, there are a few songs that I would pass through but all in all Travis goes up. Plus we have the same

Video: It's kinda what ever. It's cool as hell watching them do donuts in the Lamborghini Aventador. The models wearing white with the plastic on the face, idk. But the coke'd out girl at the end of the video, brings the whole idea of the song together.

Let me know what you think?

7 great takeaways for 2017

This is a great video from Evan Carmichael.  These 7 steps can really help make your 2017 a success.

1. Set A Goal
2. Create A Better Environment
3. Say Yes To The Uncomfortable
4. Build In Accountability
5. Talk With Customers
6. Create, Create, Create
7. Find Your One Word

Do you think there are any steps he missed?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I love being a father and this video helps support that reason.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Music | Desiigner - Tiger

Even though this may only be  snippet of the song, it goes up. I think the beat and his flow riding the beat sounds dope. This is definitely not a a lyrical song at all. But I don't turn on Desiigner for lyrics n-e-ways sooooo.

But it sounds dope, this little snippet will get a a club, a party crackin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12.19.2016 update

These past few months have been the most uplifting months of this year. I'm starting to understand who I am as a person and what I really want to do with my life. I'm piecing together the things that are necessary for me to become a better person and a better man. I feel a drive that I really haven't felt since I started my clothing brand and opened my store, years ago. That experience was so fucking amazing, I feel blessed to have experienced the things I have, now it's time for a new chapter.

I needed to get that out of my head and on this screen. This blog is not popular,  but it's more of a personal blog for myself to be able to go back and reflect on my life. I feel a since of freedom writing out my thoughts. This blogs allows me to not give a fuck and let myself out. My mind is so stretched out with information with all the things I've experienced in my life. The only thing missing on this blog is more of me. I could do so more writing and so much more posting but I find myslef over thinking myself out of it. Yesterday for instance. I was going to put together a list blog things to blog about for this week. So, when I sat down in front of my computers and starting over thinking all of the things that had to be done and I did nothing.

These thoughts that run through my mind keeps me so strong. It makes me fear things because I feel like I'm am so stretched. But in reality I'm not that stretched at all.

I am into motorcycles, off road shit. One of my good friends Jeremy, who recently lost his father, has a Rzr 4 1000. That shits super fast and fun ass hell. He is also the manager of a motorcycle/ off road shop, where I worked for 5 years. Working at Mountain Motorsports made me love all that crazy shit, now I'm a motohead. I also had my clothing store and clothing brand. The brand was very heavy into street wear culture. The brand life had the biggest effect on me as a person and now when I look at fashion and the trends, I understand how controllable it'll always be. I also worked at Ritz Camera shop for some years, so I'm heavy into photography and videos creation.

While going through my transition after I quit doing my clothing brand stuff, I start trying out a bunch of different things. I tried starting a video company and with boy Sunny and it didn't work out. Then I tried to start a vintage clothing store in my shop and that didn't work out either. I also tried starting a coffee shop in my shop as well. While in the mist of getting the coffee shop going, my wife had this idea of us moving to San Diego, as I call in sales she began dropping seeds.

At first I was like nawww, it sounds cool but naww. My job at the Mountain Motorsports was the shit. I worked with my homiees, we smoked, I knew everything, the rim sizes, the speeds, the clutches, the exhaust, the best first bike for the new riders, the best gloves, the fastest funniest bikes, the common over heating problems with rzr's, everything. I made really good money, actually my old co-worker Bobby in sales is making over $100K this year. [good shit bro].

At the same time I would go to a mindset meeting with my guys Pro and Rasheed every tuesday night about our goals and visions of the future. One major thing I learned from that mindset gathering was how I want to help the world and help give people opportunities.

To fast forward back to now, I worked at a company called 220 Marketing Group, we sold websites to mortgage lenders. We would talk about seo, ppc, and different ways to keep your old clients close and new clients closer. It taught me the bases of digital marketing. After working there, I didn't like how management was so I quit there and start working as a Brand Specialist at Promoventures. This job is great. I sell promotional items, tee shirts, embroidery, everything with a logo. It's fucking dope.

Through all the experiences , I've learned to love myself more. I've learned how much I enjoy learning and how much I want to act on thoughts way more. One thing I will focus on from now on and into the forever is how to keep myself busy and waste less time. I find myself wasting time and not doing anything constructive. This is one thing I am trying to commit myself to do more of.

I have dreams of inspiring the world and teaching people that we all deserve a shot. I want to help people get that shot and and people step up to plate.

It's one thing to have cheerleaders and customers. It's another thing to help bring customers to you, your business and ultimately change your lifestyle. There is nothing like having help from people who genuinely want to help you and help you succeed.

My legacy is my mission in life. What I leave behind is what I care about most, not what I have now. Father life has taught me a very important life idea, always try harder and be as best as you can.

When life throws you fruits, eat em.

I will end it on this note, but I'll keep these going. It feels good to let me mind go and just write.

Good Day Tuesday.