Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fashion | 2016 Best Men's Style Brands of 2016

I think Levis is the most classic and respected American brand of all time. It does not have to try to represent anything but the American People. That's one of my favorites for the year followed by Supreme. Nothing like a fresh dark navy pair of Levis, black/white Chuck Taylor All Star high top classics and a white Supreme Red Box logo shirt.

Music | 2 Chainz - Big Amount feat Drake

Song: This song is a banger. We all know just about every song Drake is featured on is going ot be a banger. Well here's another for the books.

Video: I really like how this video was made at the concert and how the editor brings the live footage in and out of the video. It lowkey look like someone followed 2 Chainz around and got creative. I think more artist should do video like these.

Let me know what you think?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Music | Big Sean - Bounce Back

Song: Fuckin Big Sean never stops and I never will stop making hits. This is one of those songs you can turn up on in a club or a party. Dj's are definitely going to be spinning this track, especially in the strip clubs.

Video: The visuals for this video were dope. The colors are dope and the upside down ocean/city was dope as well. I like how they threw the phat ass's in there but not to much. The big ass moon in the background looked cool. I do think the video was a little repetitive.

Let me know what you think?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hip-Hop's First Billionaire

This is huge for hip hop community. To see this mogul scale himself to the degree to be in route of becoming the first hip hop industry billionaire says a lot about the hip hop culture and the direction it's going. Puffy is breaking all the rules that were set against him, especially being a black american in this country.

The second it's officially announced he's a billionaire I'm going to play Bad Boy records, all Biggy would be proud. Mad respect Sean John Combs.

Music | Migos - Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert

I can't stop playing this song. The beat goes hard, it's swaggy and the video turns the video up. Listen to this with speakers or good earphones.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Music | Travis Scott - Biebs in the trap feat. NAV

New video alert. Travis finally drops a video off his birds in the trap album. I think this is his first video drop off the album.

Song: It's interesting how he named this song biebs in the trap, I get it. This song is a banger. I highly advise to play this at a house party. This album is actually a banger, there are a few songs that I would pass through but all in all Travis goes up. Plus we have the same

Video: It's kinda what ever. It's cool as hell watching them do donuts in the Lamborghini Aventador. The models wearing white with the plastic on the face, idk. But the coke'd out girl at the end of the video, brings the whole idea of the song together.

Let me know what you think?

7 great takeaways for 2017

This is a great video from Evan Carmichael.  These 7 steps can really help make your 2017 a success.

1. Set A Goal
2. Create A Better Environment
3. Say Yes To The Uncomfortable
4. Build In Accountability
5. Talk With Customers
6. Create, Create, Create
7. Find Your One Word

Do you think there are any steps he missed?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I love being a father and this video helps support that reason.😂😂

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Music | Desiigner - Tiger

Even though this may only be  snippet of the song, it goes up. I think the beat and his flow riding the beat sounds dope. This is definitely not a a lyrical song at all. But I don't turn on Desiigner for lyrics n-e-ways sooooo.

But it sounds dope, this little snippet will get a a club, a party crackin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12.19.2016 update

These past few months have been the most uplifting months of this year. I'm starting to understand who I am as a person and what I really want to do with my life. I'm piecing together the things that are necessary for me to become a better person and a better man. I feel a drive that I really haven't felt since I started my clothing brand and opened my store, years ago. That experience was so fucking amazing, I feel blessed to have experienced the things I have, now it's time for a new chapter.

I needed to get that out of my head and on this screen. This blog is not popular,  but it's more of a personal blog for myself to be able to go back and reflect on my life. I feel a since of freedom writing out my thoughts. This blogs allows me to not give a fuck and let myself out. My mind is so stretched out with information with all the things I've experienced in my life. The only thing missing on this blog is more of me. I could do so more writing and so much more posting but I find myslef over thinking myself out of it. Yesterday for instance. I was going to put together a list blog things to blog about for this week. So, when I sat down in front of my computers and starting over thinking all of the things that had to be done and I did nothing.

These thoughts that run through my mind keeps me so strong. It makes me fear things because I feel like I'm am so stretched. But in reality I'm not that stretched at all.

I am into motorcycles, off road shit. One of my good friends Jeremy, who recently lost his father, has a Rzr 4 1000. That shits super fast and fun ass hell. He is also the manager of a motorcycle/ off road shop, where I worked for 5 years. Working at Mountain Motorsports made me love all that crazy shit, now I'm a motohead. I also had my clothing store and clothing brand. The brand was very heavy into street wear culture. The brand life had the biggest effect on me as a person and now when I look at fashion and the trends, I understand how controllable it'll always be. I also worked at Ritz Camera shop for some years, so I'm heavy into photography and videos creation.

While going through my transition after I quit doing my clothing brand stuff, I start trying out a bunch of different things. I tried starting a video company and with boy Sunny and it didn't work out. Then I tried to start a vintage clothing store in my shop and that didn't work out either. I also tried starting a coffee shop in my shop as well. While in the mist of getting the coffee shop going, my wife had this idea of us moving to San Diego, as I call in sales she began dropping seeds.

At first I was like nawww, it sounds cool but naww. My job at the Mountain Motorsports was the shit. I worked with my homiees, we smoked, I knew everything, the rim sizes, the speeds, the clutches, the exhaust, the best first bike for the new riders, the best gloves, the fastest funniest bikes, the common over heating problems with rzr's, everything. I made really good money, actually my old co-worker Bobby in sales is making over $100K this year. [good shit bro].

At the same time I would go to a mindset meeting with my guys Pro and Rasheed every tuesday night about our goals and visions of the future. One major thing I learned from that mindset gathering was how I want to help the world and help give people opportunities.

To fast forward back to now, I worked at a company called 220 Marketing Group, we sold websites to mortgage lenders. We would talk about seo, ppc, and different ways to keep your old clients close and new clients closer. It taught me the bases of digital marketing. After working there, I didn't like how management was so I quit there and start working as a Brand Specialist at Promoventures. This job is great. I sell promotional items, tee shirts, embroidery, everything with a logo. It's fucking dope.

Through all the experiences , I've learned to love myself more. I've learned how much I enjoy learning and how much I want to act on thoughts way more. One thing I will focus on from now on and into the forever is how to keep myself busy and waste less time. I find myself wasting time and not doing anything constructive. This is one thing I am trying to commit myself to do more of.

I have dreams of inspiring the world and teaching people that we all deserve a shot. I want to help people get that shot and and people step up to plate.

It's one thing to have cheerleaders and customers. It's another thing to help bring customers to you, your business and ultimately change your lifestyle. There is nothing like having help from people who genuinely want to help you and help you succeed.

My legacy is my mission in life. What I leave behind is what I care about most, not what I have now. Father life has taught me a very important life idea, always try harder and be as best as you can.

When life throws you fruits, eat em.

I will end it on this note, but I'll keep these going. It feels good to let me mind go and just write.

Good Day Tuesday.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Music | Caveman

Here is some new music for your playlist. These dude make some very chill, well seasoned music for me to just relax, smoke a bowl and love life.

It's also great trip music. Great music for hitting the road and doing something adventurous with your friends and family.

Go check them out - Caveman 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Slayer x Supreme

Supreme's latest project comes in the form of a collaboration with American thrash metal band Slayer. Formed in Huntington Park, California in 1981 by Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo, the group started off by playing cover songs at parties, as well as clubs. The aggressive and creative nature in all facets of their artistry has allowed the band to create twelve albums and sell 20 million records.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Joe Rogan Society Trap

I've been having a this huge fascination with this guy lately. His thought process and the way we should think and live is not a new way of thinking. But more of a deeper way of thinking.

I think I'm becoming a huge fan. Check out this video. Let me know your thoughts?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

He's really done with his daily vlog.

I can't believe Casey Neistat is finished his vlog. But since he has finished his daily vlog, it makes me questions myself on what I'm doing and what changes I can make and contribute to this world. His vlog really impacted me without really realizing it. I really watched his video like a my own personal youtube television show and I am truly going to miss him.

But knowing he is still going to be posting video's makes me feel way better. I need his creativity in my life, to inspire me. I'm really happy for his company being purchased by Cnn and I am happy for his new journey.

We support you Casey Neistat and we appreciate you brother. Can't wait till the next video.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great interview Kanye West

This was such a great interview from Kanye West. When I listen to Kanye speak, I try to really listen to what he is saying without judgement. He speaks his truth and tries to help. While at the same time, he gets criticized most from people who don't speak and only care about themselves with negative talk. We need speakers in this world. We need people willing to speak out to spark the minds of people. We need people who don't fucking care and speak truth of wishing things will be better for the world.

That's the Kanye West I hear when he speaks. I don't know many artist in 2016 who are so influential as an Artist. I do not agree with every action he makes but I understand what he is truly trying to accomplish for the world.

I appreciate him and I'm thankful for his existence on planet earth. This is a great interview, put your personal feelings aside if you do not like him and listen or you can pass, it's your choice. I think this is a interview that should be heard.

Let's go Wednesday.

I wrote today instead of taking my class.

My morning schedule is usually like. Get up  at 6:00am take my online class on Hubspot, blog, exercise, eat and go to work. Today I said fuck it and start writing. I think I wrote about 3 blogs today which was fucking dope. I am really proud of myself doing this today instead of sticking to my normal schedule.

I posted on my motorcycle blog oopierre as well and I feel good. I also listened to some Kanye West interviews, listened to what some people thought about him. If you notice I posted one of the interviews as well, great interview. I wrote up on one of my favorite youtube vloggers Casey Niestat. I also reached out to this young lady April who is going to be one of my future writing buddies, she trying to find herself in her words and I can't wait to see what she puts out to the world. 

I'm changing as a person and I like it. I see myself going towards a dream I have. I want to inspire and motivate the world the best that I can. 

Welp, time for work. Have a great day today guys and gals and I thank who ever listens and reads my shit. I'm just a man with a dream and I'm pushing more then ever. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sit back, Spark up

This new Gucci Mane feat Travis Scott video is lit. 🔥  ganggang

Promote yourself and have patience

This morning in my Hubspot class they touched on the importance of promoting yourself. It's so important, especially if you are trying to accomplish goals. For some reason, that class made me think of Kevin Hart. He's one of the most influential people to me. He talks about success, life, goals, health and making himself become his thoughts. He's dominated television, social media and comedy with his wild character and his promotional and marketing efforts is out of this world.

I'm happy Evan put this video together for Kevin Hart. Press play and listen.

You have to stay positive, surround yourself with great people and keep moving forward. You have to be patient and you have to invest into yourself, follow your dreams. Do shit that makes you uncomfortable, do shit. The best thing a you can do is push yourself to do something you think, is the right. Don't stop pushing keep moving and don't give up on yourself.

You are on my blog for a reason and this is could be that reason. If not and your good thank you for being here.

I'm trying to inspire the world people. One word and one action at a time.

Let's Go.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Goal Chasing begins.

I decided to put things into action and began a Content Marketing course through HubSpot. My goal in getting an internship as a digital marketer is in motion. I started this course because they offer a certificate in Content Marketing when completed.

 Blasting through the course with ease was the plan, but boy was I wrong. I have to change my gears and my approach to this class. Shits kinda tuff. I began watching videos in the course blind and thinking I was on the correct path. I didn't notice the damn study guide on the side of the screen.

That would've sucked If I didn't see that damn guide.smh lol

My action plan is to take two courses a day. When I complete course, I'll run through it two times, get a firm understand of the text and take the test.

The goal is to pass the test, receive my certificate and begin reaching to marketing companies. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. Let's see how it all works. My goal is to have an internship started or in the workings by January 1, 2017.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Plans for the rest of 2016...

My morning began with a nice warm cup of tea, my iphone in hand and the Medium articles displayed. I read this article about letting yours self go on a blog and let write out personal goals. The article says It makes you take more responsibility for you actions and hold you more accountable to yourself and your goals. I've also read articles and books saying the complete opposite and to keep your personal goals to yourself. Me being the personal I am and going against the grain, I actually like the fact of putting out my ideas and dreams out to the world. I look at it like, If I died before I could accomplish these goals, my son, grand kids, great grand kids can say I had my head in the right place. Also, when I accomplish the goals I write out and actually make them happen, I can look at myself as a prophet of my own destiny and I kinda like that idea.

So lets dive.

I want to end this year as a Content/Digital marketer intern. I've posted many blogs and I create many videos/photos to help promote myself and many people inside and outside my circle. I've had days just sitting and thinking of what I want to do with my life and reflect on what I would do If I could do anything and making money was not an option. After days upon days of thinking, I realized how much I enjoy helping people mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. I have this sense of joy being able to help people live out their dreams and making their ideas come to life. I've read many articles on how not everyone thinks that way. Most people want million of millions of dollars, just to have it. I personally want a different life from that. I want to experience more joy in helping others by mental gains and leave a legacy. 

The thing that changed my life was starting a clothing line, having a store, and building it. That experience lifted my confidence and now I only make decisions based off how I feel and if it's the right thing to do. A lot of people don't realize that money is not the answer. Being a black american, I have been brought up thinking I need to become something great and make a lot of money to feel great about myself and feel successful. Now money is very important, but thats what you chase. It's the goals you chase. The chasing in the goals create the person you have always wanted to be and the feeling of being the person you thought you were and could be feels so good, but a lot of people do not see it that way.

That's were I find myself standing, because I personally do not believe money will make me feel great. Money is great to have and I would love to have a larger bank account, no denying that. But if my life ended and I didn't reach that money part of my life, I refuse to believe life could have been better. Life is fucking great and I want every person especially living in america to feel like me. Love life, have fun, enjoy the small things, cherish our friends and family. That's what life's about and I believe chasing your dreams and goals help me have this feeling.

That's where my goal to become a Digital/Content marketer comes from. I feel like I will be able to help many accomplish their goals, while helping me accomplish mine as well. I've studied many job descriptions and the digital/content marketer works best. My ultimate goal would be, to run my own office and have people smarter then me, more talented, happier, funnier, high drive'd people all under one house. The sole purpose would to help change the world by helping people live their dreams by helping them spread their message. Help them find their message and construct their message to the masses and allow them to succeed. Even if we do not make people super millionaires that would be up to them and what their personal goals. We would be the group of individuals going to the hood, talking to the kids, educating them on the now and how to grow. Show them the power of them and the power of marketing.

It's amazing how many people to this day, do not believe in the power of the internet and marketing. This shit has changed my life and  the fucking world. I'm jump in this craziness to leave my mark and create a legacy as best as I can.

So thats my plan for the rest of 2016.

My current job puts in me alignment with that goal. I am currently a brand specialist for a print and promotional product shop. I've attached my video below, so you can check out what I do at my job. I am going to get on top of my blogs and videos now that I have my computer back up and running. 

If you need help with any branding or enjoy having idea conversations and DO things. Hit me up. If you can Help me out on this journey, to help the world through branding reach out to me. I have so much to learn, but If you've followed my blog for the years, you'll understand helping and branding is my WHY.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Inspire to Inspire.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Day. Time for a change.

 My computer has been down and I have not been able to post the type of post I traditionally like to do. But I am going to continue posting from my cell phone until I get my computer fixed. I refuse to use my lack of having  my computer accessibilty to stop me from posting on this blog. I am going to try to get back into my daily habit and give you information that can help you become the person you dream of becoming or at least help you think about the possiblites. Thank you for continuously following my blog I will continue giving you as much is me as possible.

 With Trump being a new president I'm going to use this as a pusher and not a resistor.  I have many friends so stuck in the world of now that they're not moving and they're holding themselves back because they're focused on the wrong things. I'm going to use this presidency to help build my brand and my community of people who want more for themselves and who are willing to put in the work. I plan to be the prime example of the work to myself and whoever whats to watch.  I do not have a team yet, but I am working on that and I'm going to continue pushing until I begin making difference and deserve to have one. For the next 4 years, I'm challenging myself to push harder then I've ever pushed before.

 Ever since I stopped doing my clothing brand. I discouraged myself and start thinking about what people thought of me and my clothing brand failure. I am finally done. My friends, my family, the people who I inspire and the people in my circle, deserve more of me. Please continue supporting what I am tryjng to do. Which the only thing I know is I am doing is pushing positivity and building myself as a person and help people build themselves as well and understand the power of branding.

Thanks again.

 Product on product on product is coming.

Friday, November 4, 2016


So as you have noticed I uave not been blogging lately. I went from everyday to, damn when was the last time. My computer charging system is down and I cannot pay for a new charger yet. No Cash.

But yea thats my excuse, I was allowing money to dictate my actions. I woke up today, smoked a bowl and started my morning workout routine. ( 100 push ups, 60 crunchies, 100 25lb dumbbell lifts) I start having a feeling about this blog. So I hoped up and dtarted to write. For the people who continuously follow me Thank you, I'm back again. To my 1 or 2 of you.

I hoped on my phome and start typing. Lately I've been doing things out of the box. I start making cold calls at work to help generate more clients. I've been on top of my morning exercise routine and I starting to see a little results. I feels good to see even see, the small results.

I had to check in and get back into my flow. Blogging is definitely one of my flows.

Go follow me on social media if you don't already.
Instgram : O_pierre
Snapchat : oopierre
Twitter : travistriggs_

Let's get better at working hard.

Travis signing out.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fashion : Lazy Oaf

I'm feeling the vibe of this brand. I like how simple the clothes are and the message is good for the person who likes to follow directions. Go to their website and check out the rest of their clothes.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk Interview with Larry King

This is another great interview with Gary Vee. He is on fire right now and I'm loving it. I have been listening to him a lot and I am finally transitioning those words into actions. Great listen.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Apple Iphone 7 is Finally here..

Just in case you didn't get a chance to watch the video yet. Call me what you want but I am definitely going to get this phone. It's funny how people really try to hate on the Iphone.
They are simple, clean, super functional and they look freakin dope.

#Team Iphone.

Great Story: Allen Wong

I am one of those people to when I see someone driving a nice car I always want to know what they do. Even people that live in really nice houses in great locations. I always wonder what do they do and how did they get there. So I listen to this story from Allen Wong and how he brought his self to be where he is in his life and I believe it's a great story. 

Listen and allow it to inspire you to move and follow your dreams. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tune in Tuesday: Amber Run - I Found

I have been playing this song back to back this weekend. It's super chill and mellow. The visuals shot on the music video were a great addition to this song.

Friday, September 2, 2016

9.2.16 Update

My brain moves so fast at times, it kind of annoys me. I always have ideas running through my mind and I am always changing my decisions. My goal to help this problem is to write my ideas out more. Every new idea now, goes on paper and sits there for a while. I use to have so many different ideas at time, I felt like I was having an anxiety attack and I'm done with it. 
Lately it's been working and I've been feeling more relaxed and excited for my day when I wake up in the morning. 

I'll keep you updated on my progress and see what results I get from writing my ideas down verse thinking hard.

Dose of Fousey x Kevin Hart

It's cool how Dose of Fousey put it out in the world that he wanted to do a collab with Kevin Hart and it happened. I believe that's how life works if you continuously work towards you're goals and put in the work. If he did not build himself to the level he is on youtube of consistently creating videos, posting them, getting millions of subscribers and working it would have never happened. 

Put things out to the world, stay focused, work hard and live the life of your dreams. 
It's possible, you just have to work hard and believe. Congrats, bruhbruh.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8.31.2016 Update

Today I start shooting my youtube channel videos for work. Let's see how this goes. I'm not going to say to much yet on what I am about to do. To be honest I have no fucking clue what I'm really going to I drew out a little script  and walk though but that doesn't make much since as of yet. I'll get it all together and I'll have it posted up on here soon.

The Tracers

This is a very interesting video. It's amazing how this process for gun's is in place and we as americans are not aware of. Very interesting, I thought this would be something interesting to add to the blog. Something different. I am going to start throwing more random documentaries I check out on the blog. Enjoy. 

This is a great video form Steven Brahms. I never knew the gun industry went this far into details and some of the guns that are displayed are crazy. The cane gun, the briefcase gun, there like super undercover secret eye guns from the movies which are real.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chocolate Droppa Tuesday

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest people on the earth at this moment in 2016.  This is a older video from last year but my goodness. Why does Kevin Hart have bars hahahaha

Monday, August 29, 2016

09.29.2016 Update

These past few days have been kinda weird. I have been studying so much and trying to plan, control and organize my next moves in getting my job going. My current position is at my 9-5 is a Brand Specialist. My job consist of keeping tight knitted relationships with clients and helping them in the process of marketing themselves, their businesses, their events and etc. It's a very fulfilling job, every individual who has a brand or a product needs our services. Yes, you can go around me and work with someone else, another company or even get things yourself but you're most likely going to go through someone to get what you need. That's what me and everyone in my industry is here for, to serve.

My blog has really become a reflection of my life. I am currently working on the money growing part now as well. I really want to be able to provide for my family the way I see other father's who I respect provide for their families. I'm guess I can say I am trying to be like them. A responsible man, the rock of the family, the provider, thee man. Most of the fathers I look up to, have put themselves in financial places of stability to provide a great life for their families and that takes a lot of hard work and money.

Money is not the all of life but it's very important to have, especially being american. I find it strange when people talk about money like it's not that serious to have or it's not that important. Those are the same people who stress out a lot or always need something from someone when the times get tuff. Money gives us choices, freedom, experience, things we can only dream of having. Life is ruff with out it, but there is nothing wrong with going to through this faze of life and I understand how it empowers the individual. But when you're going through it and you need money and you need help, it's no fun. NOT AT ALL. You gotta ask for a ride, you have to budget, you have to think when your in line to get food. You have to think about how long clothes last and try not to damage your stuff because you know you cannot replace if you mess it up. There is a lot of thought that goes into not having much money. 

There is also this beauty that is aroused when you don't have it. You learn to appreciate small things way more. You learn to humble yourself and learn how to ask for help. You learn to care in a different way because you know you don't have the finances to to return a financial favor and you're truly thankful. You learn to not care about expensive things and unfortunately know that it's not your life yet. 

This is exactly when the mindset turns on and you have to learn the right conversation to have in your mind to keep you moving forward. I personally fight myself sometimes because I am not where I want to be yet. But I Believe I will. I take actions by reading, listening, writing, having great conversations with people, trying out different ways to market what I am selling and giving as much positive advice as I can to people. As a human being, I feel like we as people need to have a more positive attitude and positive outlook. I am nothing but a guy who believes in  making a difference by being positive and optimistic. We all have a choices in life and I believe we all need to choose the positive. 

You may not be rich, but I'm not rich. You may not have much to give, much to share. But you have you. You're energy, your attitude and that alone can help so many people just by being who you are and keeping the faith that it's going to turn out great. That's just what I feel. I think smiling a lot, being thankful to wake up in the fucking morning and breathing is worthy of a great day. If you can not think of anything positive about a day, go watch someone get their head cut off and see how you feel. I bet you'll feel great knowing that's not you.

Let 's start this week off with a bang. Go day Monday everyone.
Let's make something positive happen with week. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

John Lennons First Acid Trip

In the spring of 1965, Beatles member John Lennon and his wife, Cynthia, as well as bandmate George Harrison and his wife, Pattie Boyd, attended a dinner at the London home of dentist John Riley and his girlfriend, Cyndy Bury. Before the foursome left, Riley urged them to stay because he, unbeknownst to the Beatles, placed sugar cubes containing LSD into their coffee. This would be their first time on an acid trip, however far from their last.
In the above short, using an archived recording with Rolling Stones magazine, the legendary John Lennon recounts that infamous night — a night that would transform the sound of The Beatles as well as their relationships as bandmates for years to come.
After checking out the video, head over to for a fascinating story on how this night inspired the band’s Revolver album, arguable their best work, as well as how it led to the downfall of the English band.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Learning while listening.

I think reading is a very important part of succeeding in life. If you are not surrounded by successful people to watch there habits and to see how to have better habits then you must find another way. Books are the tools to help get the right people in your mind.

 I listened to this video this morning and made me put learning into a even better perspective on listening to learn. If your a busy person and do not have much time for reading, then listen. Books are going to be a key factor in moving you in the direction you want to go in life.

The next time you take a ride to work, listen to a book on the way. Fight Mediocrity talks about the importance of listening to books and how they can help your mind move and learn.

We must continue to learn to grow for us live the life we can only imagine. Use the books and allow them to take your mind were you needs it to be. Learn People. Keep the vibration in your mind high off knowledge and inspire your self to become the idea in your mind.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Listen to Gary Vaynerchuk

I don't need to say much. I know you know who he is and if you do not know who he is, your tripping. Here is a link to him, follow him, listen him, make your life better.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Giving your way to Success

This is great for some monday knowledge. Giving value, speaking your why, not trying to take advantage of anyone, being as honest as possible, teach, give, then ask. This video helps me understand the importance of giving even more.

Giving people what they really care about, which is usually knowledge and understanding is the key. Once it has been giving on multiple occasions, then telling them what you think they want to hear and asking for something is okay. When people actually learn something from you, they begin to trust you. We have to give our way to success.

Great video Fight Mediocrity. I feel like I learned some great information to start off my day. Check out this video and if you feel like you have learned something as well, go check out his channel.

Link to channel below

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kanye West Announces 21 New Temporary Pablo Stores Opening This Weekend

Kanye West took to Twitter a few hours ago and announced to his fans the opening of 21 new temporary Pablo stores to be opened this weekend. Though the exact locations are still unknown, take a look at the list below of the lucky cities that will be getting the hyped, pop-up store. The locations will be spread across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Stay tuned for more details. 

North America
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York

Cape Town


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Something New.

My blog is something I've worked on for many, many years. I haven't quite found my lane, delivering valuable information. Developing this place, I want people to feel a since of comfort. I want to control the hardest thing ever a person. I want your emotion. I want to learn how to control you and as many people as possible in this world. Like the way a movie can control a woman's heart and make her them cry. Or the way your favorite sports team scores a goal and makes you go crazy. The thing that is so sacred you, your most unknown truth.

I want to feel like I am a God on this planet. Like Kanye West. Does he feel like a God because he has money. Or does he feel like a God because he has your emotion, he has my emotion, he has everyones emotion. Everyone has a feeling towards him and puts him on this pedestal. He doesn't do that, we do that. We put him there and try to take it from him and say all this negative shit about him. He is a human just like you and me, the only difference is he has control over us. He has positioned himself to where he is because of his focus and dedication to hard work. 

This is whats going to allow me to get you. I have a feeling this post will get the most looks ever because I've never fucking talked like this on my blog before. This is something new. 

I always talk about some motivational shit on here and I really don't even like motivational shit that much personally. I feel like it's always the right things to do and it's, just not. Always being positive is one things and it's great, Ive done it for years. But there has to be some fuckin pain that's creating that positive force. 

My fuckin older brother is prison, I don't have family support, I don't have much money right now, I just moved to one of the most expensive places in the country. I use my girls car to get around. I have two motorcycles, the one that works has bad tires and I can't afford to get new ones right now. My other running bike is about 200 miles away and I don't have a truck to bring it out here and it has electrical issues. I keep having weird as thought and weird body pains that should probably get looked at but I'm afraid if there is a problem, my insurance hasn't kicked in yet so I'm just waiting it out to get more money and just thuggin it out. I am a father to a 1yr 7month old boy named True Michael Triggs. 

All that shit, keeps me positive. I only see the good in all that and I wouldn't change anything thats going on in my life right now. But I do work on it every single day to set me up to have a better tomorrow, everyday. Look how consistent my blog has been. This is one thing I made a promise to myself to stay on top of and I am proud ass fuck of myself for staying on top thus far. I was able to quit a dope ass job selling motorcycles, and moved into a dope ass 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom in San Diego, with a dope ass view. I'm fuckin proud of myself and thats what moves me.

This is my honesty. I am not where I want to be, but I am happy where I am and I striving to get where i want to go. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morning Motivation

This video makes me feel great about what I am doing with myself on a daily basis. I am trying to really make a difference in this world by giving value and encourage people, by being an example of what I believe is the best of me. I am trying to get to a place of true happiness in my physical world. I am currently a brand specialist and my work environment allows me the freedom to do whatever I want. I feel blessed because this is the job I've been wanting to have for years and I finally got it

 I am working on my daily actions everyday to match the type of person I see myself becoming in my head. I am not driven by money, I am driven by seeing people happy and being the best person I can be by giving value. I love helping people and I love how it makes me feel. I genuinely care and I always try to bring out the best of people around me, by trying to make people think or have good conversation. If that means I have to talk more, then I talk more. If I have to do something stupid, I will do something stupid. But the happiness, the joy, the conversations, the honesty is what I get from most of the people in my life, and I feels amazing to see true happiness in those people.

I believe I can make a difference to the world by being me. I want to encourage so many people who do not have positive people around them. I am blessed with positivity, optimism, motivation and hard work. My daily actions are a reflection of who I am and what I am trying to do. I see the commitment in me and I am finally willing to go for it. 

This video hit it right on the head for me. I want to be a more value based as a person and thats what I am trying my hardest to do with this blog with no fluff. I Thank you for reading my blog. If you could do me a favor and Subscribe or leave a comment that would be the world. I will continue to motivate and move forward with my life. This blog is my freedom tunnel to success and consistency.

This video really opened something in me. Great video, you must watch.  Great video Chispa Motivation, I really enjoyed this one.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Branding with Marie Forleo

I like how she goes through Marine Layers website and use's them to as her example in this video. When we talk about branding and marketing, it's usually it's usually through using your ears with char The way Marie explains with visual while speaking is a great way to deliver her message. I really enjoyed this video. 

Now for the branding she is focused on is the way you brand on your website. She touches on 3 strategies we could use on our business right now. 

#1. Be refreshingly real - you can be real and raw, be yourself, show your personality. Be honest, it may be a little tuff but it's doable and and it let's people know your business is developed by a real individuals.

#2. Create trust through transparency - Talk about how you run your business and why you make the choices you make.

#3. Don't be afraid to sell - don't be afraid to tell people to buy from you. It's okay to tell people to buy your product, it is the heart beat of your business.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Great Advice for the Day

Here is a video with advice from 50 great entrepreneurs. They touch on many subjects, listen, learn, put into action what works for you.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

08.14.2016 Update...

I hope you all had a great and powerful week. My week was pretty powerful, I've been working on my personal goals and staying as consistent. If you notice on my blog on the right hand side, I've posted more this year then I ever have since i've been blogging. I'm proud of my consistency and it's feel good try try and give value to the world the best way I can.

So for the update, this week I started my Mr. Compressed Tee instagram. I don't know if I talked about it previously, but it's been a project I have been wanting to do since I started working at my current job and I finally got it going. If your reading this, I would appreciate a follow @MrCompressedtee, I follow back. If your really down, leave a message and tell me you were from my blog. That would really blow my mind.

My goal for this Mr Compressed Tee instagram is to first see myself stay consistent. Second is to do a proof study and see if I can build a niche instgram and see if I get results from being consistent. This is more of a case study for myself just to see if there is an outcome. If there is or isn't thats fine. My ultimate goal is to find ways to stay busy and creative. This seems like a great avenue for keeping my mind going and push me to try different creative things to do with it. Another goal I have for it as well is to be able to display how I can run a instgram if it does turn into something. If I begin getting lots of orders or getting lots of traffic this  instagram, I plan to use it as a stable to start building a client list for work. After listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, it's very important to put in the work first, before I start asking people for there money. Jab, Jab, Jab, Punch. The marathon mindset vs the race mindset.

So far I have had two inquiries and I've sent them samples of the compressed tee's. I want to build this instagram naturally. No paid followers, no paid likes but all natural. I'm also thinking to start another channel and pay for followers and likes to see if I get more results from that. I feel like I my get more traffic faster but I need to find out for myself first to make any actual decisions. I will get back to you once I decide what niche I want to build it around.

I will continously keep you guys updated on the results I'm getting from it. Oh as you can see, I started a youtube channel for it as well. I going to start cleaning everything up and make it all strategical and more appealing. 

Add me, subscribe or what ever. Thanks 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Great Sales Techniques from Evan Carmichael

This is a great video from Evan Carmichael for all you salespeople out there. Dig deep inside yourself, figure out how and why people should buy from you. Give customers a reason to buy from you, not because of your low price and your crazy non stop follow up. Make them feel something when they meet you, when they buy from you. Watch this video, take notes and go create a new sales process, connect with your customers and make some sells. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Advice to a Young Man from Gary Vaynerchuk

This is a powerful video from Gary Vaynerchuk. I know what he is saying and I hear him loud and clear. It's so clear that I've listened to this back to back to get it. I am not where I want to be but I am very proud of where I've taken myself. Watch this video and learn. If you want to move and do something you've never done before and it's positive Do it. Stop holding yourself back. Document your life inspire the world and move forward. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Habits that can make you rich..

I appreciate the route Randy Rage took the habits that can make you rich. He goes into being healthy and staying healthy as one of the major keys. I listen to a lot of people talking about success and living wealthy. But the route of taking care of your self and allowing those healthy habits to take over your days can allow you to come successful is a great idea. You don't have to have much money to take care of your self and the idea of taking changing your habits that are simple and managing should definitely be something in place with life. Great video Randy

1. Hydrate
2. Eat Healthy
3. Shop
4. Exercise
5. Daily Self Development 
6. Read
7. Have a priority project.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Branding Idea

Here is a great video on branding and the best way to build your brand. I think Brett hits some great points and has a great idea of branding. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8.9.2016 Update

Lately I have been on a path to trying to figure out how and what I can do to change the world. I listen to so much great information on a daily bases and i still find myself at times not giving more value to the world than I am capable of. I feel like I give but I can give more, I feel like I read but I can read more, I feel like I listen but I can listen more. I am on a mission to change my life and try new things.

One of the things I have began is a new Instagram called " Mr. Compressed Tee ". I started this to start selling my compressed tee shirts online. I've already seen small results from it which still amazes me. I posted two post and I already had someone hit me up  ask if I could make them a compressed tee. It may not mean he is going to buy anything but it feel great to know people are paying attention out in the world. My goal for Mr. Compressed Tee is to be known as the compressed tee shirt guy online. I want to show ways on how compressed tee shirts are really cool for a promotional item. The fact that we can change the shirt into any design we desire is really cool because it allows me not to be limited. It also allows me to be involved in every world because it's for everyone.

I think my calling in life is to help people become rich. I enjoy selling things that have actual value to people, I am understanding the importance of being consistent everyday which is a major key. I have been in sales since I was 15 years old selling The Daily Bulletin door to door. I sold cars at Inland Valley Pontiac Buick Gmc, Crown Toyota. I've sold Sleep Number Beds. I have a lot of knowledge with creating videos, taking pictures. I use to work for Ritz Camera years ago before they closed down all the stores so my experience in looking at a picture and being very judgmental is there. When I use to run my clothing line called DOnUt Do you not them and we opened a store. I use to create videos like crazy for marketing, that taught be how to build up a video and taught me how easy it is. With videography and photography under my belt I understand angles and lines pretty good. These abilities will allow me to help a person who has no experience or since of what a quality picture or video looks like. I also am a huge brain stormer. I like to sit or pace around and come up with ideas. I feel like I can come up with new and different ideas for every single business and I enjoy it. From all the business meetings I've attended and watched allows me to really get in the zone and I have this drive to create to many ideas. I find myself at times giving to many ideas. I love fashion, I also know how to sew and  that's taught me to understand how to construct clothing. From running a mid successful clothing brand and taking sewing classes for a few months. I feel really confident to say what looks good and I believe my opinion matters.

I have many more talents, but I believe one of my best talents is inspiring people. In person I can make a people feel so excited and ready to go. I enjoy talking but one things I've learned and do most is Listen. I've been practicing listening a lot lately and I feel like I have been seeing results. I have people who don't want to leave me alone because all they want to do is talk to me and tell me there visions of what they want to do and what they are trying to do. I am one of those type of people as well, I enjoy talking about getting better, growing being the best I can be and my visions of life and my goals. My escape is blogging or listening to people who I consider more successful than I am and use them to question what I'm doing. My daily goal everyday is to learn or think about something I can make better.

I will continue moving towards my goals and creating content. My focus to to keep moving in the content direction so I can get better by practicing better so I can deliver better context. This is a little break down of me and getting to know who I am. I will begin doing video's of myself soon and work on video content. My goals are rising and my feelings of success are getting better and I feel like it's getting closer to closer because I am working hard by waking up every morning and give value to the world, I am working towards my goals and I am listening to the right people to help me be the best I can be.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Advice from Adam Michaels

The point he makes in this video is great. We must believe in ourselves and tell people and push ourselves to move towards our goals. This is something that can help us as people to overcome our own obstacles. I believe I will look back at this blog and see how much value I was trying to give to my readers / followers and say, I deserve to be where I am going because of what I did, and what I gave to the world. I am in a great place here in San Diego, I have the mindset to move and I know I am going somewhere. As you continue following me on my journey through life, watch my growth, hear my change. Let Adams advice move and push you to feel good about where you are and where your going. Your visions are true if you believe.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Morning Motivation

Some morning motivation is a major key. Mornings need to be started off with joy, and a since of accomplishment. I believe listening to something power is good enough at time and try your hardest to push forward. Each new day holds challenges, let's make today the day you ride up and move. The feeling of doing is the best feeling mixed with results. I have been trying my hardest of being consistent on this blog and I am proud to say I am doing a okay job. I can be be better and blog more. But my focus is slowly changing towards more actions and I believe doing things like this consistently will allow me to eventually hire someone to do this for me. I am doing all I do to set an example. 

Let your actions inspire and let that be the reason for your personal change. The world needs more positive and valuable people and with better intentions. I hope this video helps start your day and move you. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fashion : Spring Summer 2016 Outfit

So I am working on organizing my blog a little better. I noticed how much I speak of branding, sales, marketing, motorcycles, fashion and product. So I am going to give each section more direction. I hope by naming by each section makes it easier to find subjects relevant to you and the things your into. My plan is to inspire as many people as I humanly can by providing as much value as I can. I am realizing the importance of being intentional. 

I am going to start this off with this video on 2016 Spring Summer outfits by Jordan O'brien. The title of the video best describes the outfits presented. They are very mature, gentlemen like and makes a mature statement. It is a statement that says, I am knowledgeable of who I am and what I am about. It also say I have great taste, I have a girl who dresses me, my designer is great at what they do or I have swag. Either way, clean outfits.

Great video production as well. Clean angles, classic upbeat music, real simple to show the simplistic attraction for a true gentlemen of 2016.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The Night Show

Vic.invades NYC 2 

These kids are living in a world that I will never understand. 

If your hands get sweaty, quit being a little bit*

Night vibes.

Great Conversation: The Future of Work with Simon Sinek

I appreciate how they go into this conversation about the work place. This conversation needs to be had at work. The workforce system need to be  re-establish to a value based, home based, positive place. The rules of leadership needs to be the more purposeful with the mind of making the people at work the best they can be and want to be. I believe there are a lot of people that want to grow and want to be a great employee and enjoy their job. But the opportunity for that experience is unfortunately to rare. Th mind of people need to change followed with action. 

There are plenty entrepreneurs in this world but entrepreneurs need talented people. The sad thing is when entrepreneurs have those talented people, they do not help the individual become the figure they want to be. Most businesses of the entrepreneurs which is just about every business needs to care about people more and give more value. Work needs to be a place to feel safe, work hard, use your brain, take notes, learn, grow. Its horrible not to be allowed greatness because of other agendas. Work needs to change and this is a great conversation.


Friday, July 29, 2016

7.29.2016 Update

So I move into my new place today in San Diego, Serra Mesa to be exact. The day is finally here, i had to go through working at a job with no pay for 1 and a half, another job waking up at 5:30 to getting there at 6:30. Now I have finally reached the job I going to be for as long as the waves keep moving. I'm really diggin this new job. I am a brand specialist and I help people build there brands by helping them produce products that actually help make them money. I hear a lot of people talking about being a Branding person but they do not have the products needed to give there clients what they need, when the ball starts to roll. Let's say I wanted someone to brand for me, I would need the following to really see results. I would need a website, I would need hats, shirts, free stuff to give away. I would need a sick website that brought me business and focused on my client retention, seo, my presentation of me, I would need a marketing plan that show actual results. I would need a team that would be very, very consistent that would allow me to be myself and figure out how to  understand me and what I was all about. I would need someone or a company who would genuinely care about me and what I am trying to do and dig deep to figuring out what my goals are and what my Why to life is. I would need to see how my products make a difference and honestly make me feel like I am the most important client ever and my brand more then I understand myself. 

Branding is a word used so much now and all its really is just great marketing. If you are reaching out to spread a message or an idea for people to get to know who your are and what you are about or what you do it's marketing. At the end of the day, most people who are trying to brand/market them selves are doing it to make money. The word Brand I guess from what I've read from other websites, articles and books is a much more serious word because it is more intentional for the person being branded but its still marketing just with more fluff. 

Now with my new job, since I am titled a Brand Specialist I am trying to figure out how to really deliver real value to my clients. One of the things I am personally working on is my organization. I have been working here for about a month now and with the way we get clients and how we have to go and find them for new business or find ways to stay in front of our previous clients is a major key. Like yesterday I had about 5 clients I am working with right now. One works for this billion dollar company and I am getting her shirts made. It is a simple job, a suggested these nice soft american apparel like shirt that she loves as there shirt of choice. Then for the design we are using there logo. The shirts are for an event they are having on August 29th. One of the things I plan on doing to really show I care is once the shirts are sent off, let her know. The when the delivery date show they have been delivered follow up again and make sure the delivery process was okay and ask her opinion on the shirts. After that give her a call a could days after the event to see how the event went and ask if she enjoyed herself and see how if anyone she passed them out to had anything to say about the shirts. Then I'll wait a few more days just to follow up again and thank her for her business and send her a hand written thank card. Since I am new to the company and my goal is to be the most hopeful nicest fuckin person my client has ever dealt with. 

One thing I have noticed working at my job is how lazy most people are. A couple of my co-workers just make a order with someone and move on to the next. I don't think that is good business. I think as a person who is in business and a person trying to establish yourself as a figure you need to treat all people like they will help make you a million dollars. Finding great customer service really is hard to find because people just don't care, to care that much. I have found a way to like what I do, thats why why I quit the two other jobs I had. I didn't like it so I left, yes I went through some hard fuckin times but thats the beauty of family and friends. They had my back, so even though I wasn't making any money, they diid not allow me to focus on that. And I didn't want to focus on that, I am not going to to say I never had negative things going through my mind occasionally. But I found the best way to rid of negative emotions is to find someone you trust and let it out. Let out ALL your emotions and feelings so you can hear yourself. I think our words are GOD and once you hear yourself say how frustrated and angry you are, let it out and move the fuck on and do something about it. Life is not going to be fucking easy if you want to be successful. But if you never see, feel or hear anything to make you go through the negative time. It's hard to see growth and where you come from. I will continue this conversation another day, I gotta go to work now. I find it best for me to write early in the morning then at night. Things flow a whole lot better for me. 

I am not going to make the time to go back and re read this. Cuz I gotta go and I am up to my 1000 word a day challenge to myself. This is something that makes me feel proud of. It's like a early morning accomplishment. Thanks if you read this whole thing through. My goal it to tell my story and let the world know who I am and what I am about and what I care about. Bless 

Becoming the Leader You Want to Be.

This is a great video on the actions we need to be take becoming the best leader and person we can be. I recently stumbled onto Marshall Goldsmith and I believe his insights are great for people who really are trying to grow and have a vision. I think he is more of a realistic guy and not much of a motivational guy. So if you're already pumped and your pushing through right now, this could be a great video for you. If your still in the stages of making a change in your life, I will post other videos for you. 

I really like how Mr. Goldsmith tells own personal story about how he kept hearing people and how life kept showing him what he thought he wasn't. I think we as individuals go through this type of life situation a lot, especially when trying new things. It's cool how it took one person (his teacher) to wake him up and help him realize that the identity that you think you are, your really not. We choose to be the person we want to be and we can create whatever type of life we want. I hope this video helps entrepreneurs or people in power to understand that you can change your ways and challenge ourself to be a better person. Go do something or start becoming the person you really want to be now. This video could be a wake up call for someone, hopefully it's YOU.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

7.28.2016 Update..

So I've recently made a commitment to myself to blog more often. I want to be a good writer one day and tell amazing stories to my son about how his dad wanted something so bad and kept practicing and practicing for years and finally started to create masterpieces of a conglomerate of words. I am not the average writer, at least that's what I think. No one in my family writes, non of my friends write, no one in my circle of moving forward with my life does either. This is purely a personal thing for the reasons of inspiration and motivation. If you've been following my blog, you will see that i only vibe out to positive things. I only want positive things in my life and I am continuously battling with myself to keep that mindset. So many negative thoughts go through my mind and causes me to lose focus and get off track. I think this is the reason why I smoke weed. When I'm high for some reason I allow myself to let go and flow with my creative mind. This very moment I am completely sober for some strange reason. Well not really a strange reason, I'm low on funds and I don't have a medical card to go pick up or receive an express delivery form the mobile weed man. That's definitely something I will have to attain this year. My medical license, as Dj Khalid would say, it's a major key.

I would consider myself a smoker. Like a real life, don't need anyone around, all by myself with a bunch of books, my computer, my phone and a pen and paper. It's funny, I currently living with my girls sister and her husband in there newborns sons room. This is one of the most interesting times of my life and I am truly thankful for this whole experience. Let me let you in a little bit.

April 1, 2016 - I quit working for one of the funniest, carefree, jobs ever. I sold motorcycles at a Mountain Motorsports in Ontario, Ca. That experience changed my life or at least the direction of my life. I learned how to ride motorcycles, I learned how to work on motorcycles, I learned that most people in this world just genuinely want to be happy, I learned that getting what you want in life could ultimately kill you and be the death of you.,  Before I got that job I was running my own clothing store with my so called best friends who back stabbed me the second they saw me vulnerable. They took my baby, my brand under neath my nose and I just let it go. Once thing I've learned about certain people and money is that certain people will always have their own agenda. I say certain because that's not how life is, so I'm not going to say "well since they were like that, everybody's like that" because that's not true. I just happened to deal with certain people who were like that and I'm blessed I did because I know how to identify those people a whole a lot easier now.

This is one of those things I am going to work on, I start on one track while writing one thing and easily jump to another track, from 0 to 100 real quick with some new idea that runs through my head. This post has now become a two day thing for me now. When I start writing and trying to get in the zone shit always come the fuck up, and shit like this happens. I did wake up this morning and read a article on reading from a guy named Jon Westenberg on How writing 1000 words a day changed his life. It's funny how when I started this long ass post from yesterday I was thinking how in the fuck am I really going to get better at writing. Then the second I get up in the morning, grab my iphone, turn off my loud ass alarm and after laying there thinking and looking at my roof pondering if I should go exercise or go read and listen to Gary Vaynerchuks book "AskGaryVee" because it's finally on Youtube. And I thought fuck it, I got a few red dot updates on my facebook lets see whats going on. Basically shit. Well besides my cousin inviting me to her sons birthday party in Los Angeles which sucks because I'm moving to San Diego this weekend, soo that not going to happen. I get off that shit and then I think, hmmm I need to read something because that what I usually do in the morning, so I open up the Medium app and think,  ohh shit I should post my first Medium today. So instead of me actually fucking doing it, my ass types in, my first post and the article "How writing 1000 words a Days Changed My Life". I'm happy I read this article because it inspired me to get my ass back on this post and keep pushing through till I get to my 1000 words.

In the article Jon talks about his own journey about his 1000 words a writing and how he was able to continuously push through. He talks about how some of his best work was done when he did not feel like it. That's so interesting to me because it's so much that has to go through your mind to keep your self going, staying creative, coming up with ideas, writer block fuck. Jon says the key to writing a 1000 words a day is to just do it. Do not care about what you write about, just write and let the words flow through your fingers. No matter if you wake up drunk, tired ass shit, don't feel like just fucking push through. That's funny because thats exactly how i am feeling right now at this very moment. Just keep on fucking pushing until I get to my 1000 words. Jon speaks on how his work was like a 50/50 in terms of quality of reading. Some of his work was great some of his work was garbage. You just can't allow yourself not to write because you feel like it is garbage. The garbage is whats going to lead you to gold. You just have to be consistent and not give a fuck about how you feel and let your mind go and let those fingers move.

And there it is, I fucking did. I FUCKING DID it. Yea, I had some assistance, with half this shit already being written because I started on it yesterday.  But it does not matter, I'm going to make a goal to at least post a 1000 words every 2 days. I will try and push myself to do a 1000 words a day but my personal goal will be at least every 2 days is fine with me to start. I hope you enjoyed my little personal update today.

Lets's see how consistent I will be with my self and this blog.

Good Day Thursday, Let's Gooooooo..

And I am not going to reread this shit, because I haver to go to work, so if i have some horrible grammar. I don't fucking care. Peace