Friday, November 4, 2016


So as you have noticed I uave not been blogging lately. I went from everyday to, damn when was the last time. My computer charging system is down and I cannot pay for a new charger yet. No Cash.

But yea thats my excuse, I was allowing money to dictate my actions. I woke up today, smoked a bowl and started my morning workout routine. ( 100 push ups, 60 crunchies, 100 25lb dumbbell lifts) I start having a feeling about this blog. So I hoped up and dtarted to write. For the people who continuously follow me Thank you, I'm back again. To my 1 or 2 of you.

I hoped on my phome and start typing. Lately I've been doing things out of the box. I start making cold calls at work to help generate more clients. I've been on top of my morning exercise routine and I starting to see a little results. I feels good to see even see, the small results.

I had to check in and get back into my flow. Blogging is definitely one of my flows.

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Let's get better at working hard.

Travis signing out.

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