Friday, July 29, 2016

7.29.2016 Update

So I move into my new place today in San Diego, Serra Mesa to be exact. The day is finally here, i had to go through working at a job with no pay for 1 and a half, another job waking up at 5:30 to getting there at 6:30. Now I have finally reached the job I going to be for as long as the waves keep moving. I'm really diggin this new job. I am a brand specialist and I help people build there brands by helping them produce products that actually help make them money. I hear a lot of people talking about being a Branding person but they do not have the products needed to give there clients what they need, when the ball starts to roll. Let's say I wanted someone to brand for me, I would need the following to really see results. I would need a website, I would need hats, shirts, free stuff to give away. I would need a sick website that brought me business and focused on my client retention, seo, my presentation of me, I would need a marketing plan that show actual results. I would need a team that would be very, very consistent that would allow me to be myself and figure out how to  understand me and what I was all about. I would need someone or a company who would genuinely care about me and what I am trying to do and dig deep to figuring out what my goals are and what my Why to life is. I would need to see how my products make a difference and honestly make me feel like I am the most important client ever and my brand more then I understand myself. 

Branding is a word used so much now and all its really is just great marketing. If you are reaching out to spread a message or an idea for people to get to know who your are and what you are about or what you do it's marketing. At the end of the day, most people who are trying to brand/market them selves are doing it to make money. The word Brand I guess from what I've read from other websites, articles and books is a much more serious word because it is more intentional for the person being branded but its still marketing just with more fluff. 

Now with my new job, since I am titled a Brand Specialist I am trying to figure out how to really deliver real value to my clients. One of the things I am personally working on is my organization. I have been working here for about a month now and with the way we get clients and how we have to go and find them for new business or find ways to stay in front of our previous clients is a major key. Like yesterday I had about 5 clients I am working with right now. One works for this billion dollar company and I am getting her shirts made. It is a simple job, a suggested these nice soft american apparel like shirt that she loves as there shirt of choice. Then for the design we are using there logo. The shirts are for an event they are having on August 29th. One of the things I plan on doing to really show I care is once the shirts are sent off, let her know. The when the delivery date show they have been delivered follow up again and make sure the delivery process was okay and ask her opinion on the shirts. After that give her a call a could days after the event to see how the event went and ask if she enjoyed herself and see how if anyone she passed them out to had anything to say about the shirts. Then I'll wait a few more days just to follow up again and thank her for her business and send her a hand written thank card. Since I am new to the company and my goal is to be the most hopeful nicest fuckin person my client has ever dealt with. 

One thing I have noticed working at my job is how lazy most people are. A couple of my co-workers just make a order with someone and move on to the next. I don't think that is good business. I think as a person who is in business and a person trying to establish yourself as a figure you need to treat all people like they will help make you a million dollars. Finding great customer service really is hard to find because people just don't care, to care that much. I have found a way to like what I do, thats why why I quit the two other jobs I had. I didn't like it so I left, yes I went through some hard fuckin times but thats the beauty of family and friends. They had my back, so even though I wasn't making any money, they diid not allow me to focus on that. And I didn't want to focus on that, I am not going to to say I never had negative things going through my mind occasionally. But I found the best way to rid of negative emotions is to find someone you trust and let it out. Let out ALL your emotions and feelings so you can hear yourself. I think our words are GOD and once you hear yourself say how frustrated and angry you are, let it out and move the fuck on and do something about it. Life is not going to be fucking easy if you want to be successful. But if you never see, feel or hear anything to make you go through the negative time. It's hard to see growth and where you come from. I will continue this conversation another day, I gotta go to work now. I find it best for me to write early in the morning then at night. Things flow a whole lot better for me. 

I am not going to make the time to go back and re read this. Cuz I gotta go and I am up to my 1000 word a day challenge to myself. This is something that makes me feel proud of. It's like a early morning accomplishment. Thanks if you read this whole thing through. My goal it to tell my story and let the world know who I am and what I am about and what I care about. Bless 

Becoming the Leader You Want to Be.

This is a great video on the actions we need to be take becoming the best leader and person we can be. I recently stumbled onto Marshall Goldsmith and I believe his insights are great for people who really are trying to grow and have a vision. I think he is more of a realistic guy and not much of a motivational guy. So if you're already pumped and your pushing through right now, this could be a great video for you. If your still in the stages of making a change in your life, I will post other videos for you. 

I really like how Mr. Goldsmith tells own personal story about how he kept hearing people and how life kept showing him what he thought he wasn't. I think we as individuals go through this type of life situation a lot, especially when trying new things. It's cool how it took one person (his teacher) to wake him up and help him realize that the identity that you think you are, your really not. We choose to be the person we want to be and we can create whatever type of life we want. I hope this video helps entrepreneurs or people in power to understand that you can change your ways and challenge ourself to be a better person. Go do something or start becoming the person you really want to be now. This video could be a wake up call for someone, hopefully it's YOU.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

7.28.2016 Update..

So I've recently made a commitment to myself to blog more often. I want to be a good writer one day and tell amazing stories to my son about how his dad wanted something so bad and kept practicing and practicing for years and finally started to create masterpieces of a conglomerate of words. I am not the average writer, at least that's what I think. No one in my family writes, non of my friends write, no one in my circle of moving forward with my life does either. This is purely a personal thing for the reasons of inspiration and motivation. If you've been following my blog, you will see that i only vibe out to positive things. I only want positive things in my life and I am continuously battling with myself to keep that mindset. So many negative thoughts go through my mind and causes me to lose focus and get off track. I think this is the reason why I smoke weed. When I'm high for some reason I allow myself to let go and flow with my creative mind. This very moment I am completely sober for some strange reason. Well not really a strange reason, I'm low on funds and I don't have a medical card to go pick up or receive an express delivery form the mobile weed man. That's definitely something I will have to attain this year. My medical license, as Dj Khalid would say, it's a major key.

I would consider myself a smoker. Like a real life, don't need anyone around, all by myself with a bunch of books, my computer, my phone and a pen and paper. It's funny, I currently living with my girls sister and her husband in there newborns sons room. This is one of the most interesting times of my life and I am truly thankful for this whole experience. Let me let you in a little bit.

April 1, 2016 - I quit working for one of the funniest, carefree, jobs ever. I sold motorcycles at a Mountain Motorsports in Ontario, Ca. That experience changed my life or at least the direction of my life. I learned how to ride motorcycles, I learned how to work on motorcycles, I learned that most people in this world just genuinely want to be happy, I learned that getting what you want in life could ultimately kill you and be the death of you.,  Before I got that job I was running my own clothing store with my so called best friends who back stabbed me the second they saw me vulnerable. They took my baby, my brand under neath my nose and I just let it go. Once thing I've learned about certain people and money is that certain people will always have their own agenda. I say certain because that's not how life is, so I'm not going to say "well since they were like that, everybody's like that" because that's not true. I just happened to deal with certain people who were like that and I'm blessed I did because I know how to identify those people a whole a lot easier now.

This is one of those things I am going to work on, I start on one track while writing one thing and easily jump to another track, from 0 to 100 real quick with some new idea that runs through my head. This post has now become a two day thing for me now. When I start writing and trying to get in the zone shit always come the fuck up, and shit like this happens. I did wake up this morning and read a article on reading from a guy named Jon Westenberg on How writing 1000 words a day changed his life. It's funny how when I started this long ass post from yesterday I was thinking how in the fuck am I really going to get better at writing. Then the second I get up in the morning, grab my iphone, turn off my loud ass alarm and after laying there thinking and looking at my roof pondering if I should go exercise or go read and listen to Gary Vaynerchuks book "AskGaryVee" because it's finally on Youtube. And I thought fuck it, I got a few red dot updates on my facebook lets see whats going on. Basically shit. Well besides my cousin inviting me to her sons birthday party in Los Angeles which sucks because I'm moving to San Diego this weekend, soo that not going to happen. I get off that shit and then I think, hmmm I need to read something because that what I usually do in the morning, so I open up the Medium app and think,  ohh shit I should post my first Medium today. So instead of me actually fucking doing it, my ass types in, my first post and the article "How writing 1000 words a Days Changed My Life". I'm happy I read this article because it inspired me to get my ass back on this post and keep pushing through till I get to my 1000 words.

In the article Jon talks about his own journey about his 1000 words a writing and how he was able to continuously push through. He talks about how some of his best work was done when he did not feel like it. That's so interesting to me because it's so much that has to go through your mind to keep your self going, staying creative, coming up with ideas, writer block fuck. Jon says the key to writing a 1000 words a day is to just do it. Do not care about what you write about, just write and let the words flow through your fingers. No matter if you wake up drunk, tired ass shit, don't feel like just fucking push through. That's funny because thats exactly how i am feeling right now at this very moment. Just keep on fucking pushing until I get to my 1000 words. Jon speaks on how his work was like a 50/50 in terms of quality of reading. Some of his work was great some of his work was garbage. You just can't allow yourself not to write because you feel like it is garbage. The garbage is whats going to lead you to gold. You just have to be consistent and not give a fuck about how you feel and let your mind go and let those fingers move.

And there it is, I fucking did. I FUCKING DID it. Yea, I had some assistance, with half this shit already being written because I started on it yesterday.  But it does not matter, I'm going to make a goal to at least post a 1000 words every 2 days. I will try and push myself to do a 1000 words a day but my personal goal will be at least every 2 days is fine with me to start. I hope you enjoyed my little personal update today.

Lets's see how consistent I will be with my self and this blog.

Good Day Thursday, Let's Gooooooo..

And I am not going to reread this shit, because I haver to go to work, so if i have some horrible grammar. I don't fucking care. Peace

How to pursue all your passions without looking flaky.

I have been watching Marie Forleo's video for a while now. And I can honestly say, I am a fan. This video in particular is great for the multi-passionate person who feels like they do to much, but still manages to get things done. I like how she gives a few actionable strategies to continue moving forward and helps make you feel great about being this type of person. Here are six ideas she says, that can really help get you over feeling like your flaky or doing the most.

1. Embrace your Flake - Own your journey and don't be ashamed of what you do. Be proud of doing all the things you do.

2. Position it Properly - Realize you get to choose your position and how are you going to tell your story. 

3. Play in Private - You do not have to announce everything you do every time your start something new. Wait till your ready to show face, before you show face. Play with yourself in private, it's okay.

4. Relish Obscurity - Use this time to make mistakes and test things out. Try random ideas.

5. Don't try and turn everything into a business - Have hobbies and passions you do purely for the joy of it.

6. Give zero fu*ks - Don't give a fu*k what other people think. Do what you want to do, at the end of the day it's your life, the only thing that show matter is your happiness and joy.

I hope this video helps and inspires you to move. The world needs more positive people doing things they love. 

We only life once, thats the model and we yolo. - Drake

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ramit Sethi - How to get even better

Ramit Sethi gave a great interview with Marshall Goldsmith on how getting better is possible especially if you are successful. Mr. Goldsmith is a big believer in having a coach to help you get to where you are trying to go in life. He talks about helping successful people grow and become even better individual. This video gives great information if you feel you have success in your own lane. I'm am starting to realize more and more, success does not have to come from how much money you make, it's the growth mindset mixed with effective actions by giving tremendous value. The one thing I definitely learned from this video is always to help the right people and give value. Great video Ramit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

16 Rich Habits

This list was put together from the website. I believe this list and I believe that reading a list like this everyday to help keep you focused can make a great improvement in your life. Go to and see the break down of each of the 16 habits

1. Live within your means
2. Don't gamble
3. Read everyday
4. Forget the boob tube and spend less time surfing  the Internet
5. Control emotions
6. Network and volunteer regularly
7. Go about and beyond in work and business
8. Set goals, not wishes
9. Avoid procrastination
10. Talk less and listen more. 
11. Avoid toxic people.
12. Don't give up.
13. Set aside the self-limiting beliefs holding you back
14. Get a mentor.
15. Eliminate "bad luck" from your vocabulary.
16. Know your main purpose.

Go check out the full list in detail

Monday, July 25, 2016

My Keys are Coming

I am a huge fan of german cars. The Porsche is the one of those ultimate driving machines to me. The three cars on this video are beautiful. I always find it funny how guys talk about cars like girls but I get it. The curves on the bodies, the way the eyes of the lights look into your soul and the inside so clean, like it's been waiting for you to hop in. I love This is a great visual video. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Off White

Virgil Abloh of Off White releases his new season entitled "You Cut Me Off”. I have always been a huge fan of Off White. His clothes are usually simple with his White trademark logo on the back of his clothes. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Live your Dreams

I think following your dreams is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do for there life. I am on a mission to try and leave my personal legacy on this earth before my time is up. I am trying to Live my dream by giving the world consistent value every single day. The people who go after the things they want, the risk takers, the I don't give a fuck people are the people who die happy. Choosing the path of consistent growth, choosing the blind path that can sometimes scare you can ultimately be what you need to do. The attitude of facing your fears and not giving a fuck is what it may take to Live the dream you only thought was possible, but that's what life is all about. That is my takeaway from Evan Carmichael's video today. 

Have a Great Weekend.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Self Confidence

Valuetainment is one of my favorite channels on youtube. He really expresses the truth about self confidence. I can't write to long because I'm running late to work but watch this video and let it marinate in your mind. I always watch informational videos at least twice, this is one of those videos I would definitely advise to hear out. Thanks Patrick Bet David.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rob Deyrdek's Rules to Success

I am a huge fan of skateboarding. I may not be the guy that goes out and kill it but I have friends who can. I was more of the guy who had the camera in hand when they are start going. Being around skater friends, also introduced me to a bunch of professional skaters and Rob was one of those guys. He is a dope skater businessman and watching the was he inspired people, listening to the way he talked and hearing his vision has made me appreciate him. Thats why I choose to post him today. His top 10 rules for success is great, I feel like he was a regular guy that used what he had and created something beyond himself.  Thank you, Evan Carmichael for creating this video.

1. Be relentless
He was involved in sports as a child and began skateboarding at the age of eleven.

2. You can't do it by yourself 
He received his first skateboard from professional skateboarder Neil Blender.

3. Stick in your lane
"I was a pretty driven young man. I was so focused on becoming a pro skateboarder. I would sit in school and think about all the tricks I was going to do, then I’d get out of school and skate until they made me come inside."

4. Be honest
At the age of twelve, Dyrdek acquired sponsorship from the same company that Blender was a team member of and began his skateboarding career.

5. Desire to grow and create
Later, Dyrdek and Blender quit their board sponsor and created Alien Workshop—Dyrdek’s current skateboard deck sponsor and a company that he now owns.

6. Create a healthy schedule
At the age of sixteen, Dyrdek decided to forgo his senior year of high school and instead moved to Southern California to continue with his professional skate career.

7. Learn from others
Dyrdek set twenty-one separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his former show Rob & Big.

8. Let people excel at what they are best at
He is the creator of the Street League Skateboarding - a professional skateboarding contest.

9. Focus on always learning
He began his exploration of entrepreneurship through shoe design and this led Dyrdek to launch various short-lived companies, including a hip-hop record label and a skate shop.

10. Think far out 
Rob Dyrdek Foundation is dedicated to building LEGAL skate parks for skateboarders in their communities.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Double Your Productivity

I was recently introduced to Ramit Sethi. I have found myself becoming very picky in deciding who to listen to and who to take knowledge from. Ramit has a great perspective on daily actions towards achieving our personal goals. In this video, he gives GREAT insights on strategically doubling productivity.

My personal take away would be to make a action plan, test it out and see what results I'm getting. Also to make it happen on a specific amount of time, so my time is not wasted and I can actually allow myself to see what results I am getting from my personal change and growth. Think strategically not just tactically. 

Check this video out. If you have to watch a couple time to understand, Do It.

Plan of action.

1. Testing
2. Be brutally honest with yourself
3. Create clear guidelines for what matter.

We live in a world that is, not what it should be. The world is yours and everything in it.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back at it again.

These past few months I have gone through about 3 different jobs. I am in the middle of transitioning to San Diego, Ca. This has not been the easiest move for the boy though. I have gotten to the point where I've only had $12.00 to my name. I can only give blessings and thanks to God. All I've been doing is trying to keep the best attitude possible and stay focused on my goals and continue moving.

Some of the things I have learned on this little endeavor I am on is to first and foremost, 

I truly believe my attitude help keep me pushing and keep me sain. There have been moments on this move where I could have easily given up and gone back to my last job in Ontario, Ca. It would have been the easiest thing for me to do, they want me back. 

The first company had me focused on making a lot of money. After seeing check from my co-worker one for $15k another for $13k I was like oh shit I done found a new career. But what I learned from that experience is life is not all about chasing money. That position required a person to have themselves in a great financial situation already and have time to spend a few thousand before you see the return. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have that much set aside to spend on work. And to be honest who really does, I mean when you get a new job your suppose to be making money, not spending money. I wasn't trying to be an entrepreneur I just needed something to help me make this move to San Diego. Something safe and secure, at least for the time beings. 

So that didn't work and like I said, life is not all about chasing money. It could put you in a situation you can regret forever if you don't make sudden changes. Which I did of course.

The second company had me focused on building companies businesses via online. After seeing what we could do for people and how our product really helped, really captured my interest. But what I learned from job number 2 is that you cannot work for a person who is a complete ass hole. I feel sorry for all the people that work for that company. The guy who owned the place had split personalities. He is one of those guys thats probably cool ass hell to hang out with outside of work. But as soon as you step into the business he's this micro managing, I've done everything, I know all the answer's, I won't talk to a customer but I'll tell you what to do type of person. 

Unfortunately for him, I know my value and I could never allow myself to work for a person like that for to long, so I got out. 

Now job number 3. Sorry I gotta through LOL in here.  But 3 jobs, 2 months, the though just makes me laugh. I've been out here in San Diego for 2 months and I've aready had 3 jobs. WTF. LOL hahahahaha


Job number 3, sounds great so far. I start this week...

Lets see what happens but thanks if you read this whole