Monday, November 30, 2015


I Fucking Love Choppers.

I will have a few bikes like this one my garage.


I have a tad bit joy in making beats. While being very bored in the morning today, I decide to google free beats making games and "Incredibox" pop'd up. Now, I think if a person has some interest on making beats should differently give it a try.

Check my quick 16 bar beat.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Videos | 1981 CB750 Build

I shot these video some time back. Even though it's kinda old, this is still one of my favorite bikes built by Redemption Cycles.

Here is the before and after build of this 1981 CB750 named Genesis.

Good Morning

Nothing like waking up to some old choppers. 

Audi's 3D printed 1936 Grand Prix car

German automobile giant Audi has 3D-printed an iconic grand-prix car from the archives. The 1:2-scale model of the the Auto Union Type C is a one-off iteration of a car that knocked Mercedes-Benz off the winner’s podium in the late ’30s and has been crafted using the firm’s Audi Toolmaking 3-D Printing system. The process, that Audi calls “sand-printing,” is capable of producing parts as large as 8 inches squared and stronger than those made by die casting or hot forming.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fashion | Neighborhood

Chicago boutique Saint Alfred celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a new capsule collection, working with longtime friend and collaborator NEIGHBORHOOD. The two brands have unveiled an offering that includes a T-shirt, vinyl sticker and NEIGHBORHOOD’s iconic Kendall Work Jacket. The Saint Alfred x NEIGHBORHOOD collection will be available on October 24 at in-store locations, with any remaining inventory going up online at Saint Alfred’s web store.

Forever my favorite clothing brand.

805 Authenticos

His mindset on the idea of freedom is dope. 

This is is one of the nicest video I've seen in a while. Not only am i inspired, I ready to go a on a 

fuckin ride right now.

Great video 805 Authenticos. 

The road trip is a rite of passage in America, often done to take in the many majestic sights of the country, but if Nathan Yau of data visualization blog FlowingData has his way, road-trippers might soon be seeing these sights through a very thick pair of beer goggles. Taking RateBeer‘s annual list of the world’s best breweries, Yau plotted the 70 American entries onto a map of the nation before plotting the most algorithmically efficient route to visit all of them in the least number of miles possible. Totaling to 197 hours of drive time covering 12,299 miles across 40 states, Yau estimates that it will take you 20 days to complete this epic road trip. Check the map out and start packing, because all the planning has already been done for you.

Mountain Run

Always rolling through the streets with my dudes from Redemption Cycles.