Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fashion | Carhartt WIP

With spring looming just around the corner, Carhartt WIP returns with a trio of new outerwear designs just in time for the rainy season. The functional, yet sartorially-minded range consists of Battle Parka, Devis Jacket and Michigan Coat in both solid and camouflage-patterned options, along with materials like water-repellent polyester/cotton blends and waterproof nylon. Taken together, the result is a variety of utilitarian options that will keep you dry this season without sacrificing an ounce of quality, versatility or style. Look for Carhartt WIP’s new Spring/Summer 2014 outerwear offerings — along with other items from the collection — now at the HYPEBEAST Store.

Films | Zac Marben

Bike of The Week

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Travels | Mt. Baldy and my motorcycle

Woke up this morning and went for a nice little ride in the mountains.

I also took a few pictures on my little adventure.

Life without motorcycles would suck.

Happy Thursday.

- Travis

Events | Kustom Kulture Forever

Wished I could get off work to go check out this show in europe..

One of the best around the globe.

If your planning a trip to Europe, this show is a must.

Films | The One Motorcycle Show Pt. 1

It's crazy, you would never think snow and motorcycles.

These guys didn't allow the weather to dictate the turn out of this amazing show.

Hopefully i'll have the honor of going

to next year.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Films | The Cycle Zombies and Born Free

I'm really excited for this year's show. The best builders begin making videos and start coming out
of their garages. The bikes are fucking sick. The people are fucking cool.

I can't wait.
Great video. 

Born Free 6 here we come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flicks | 6 Over

I recently picked up this short flick the other day and it was great. It's interesting to get inside the minds of some amazing builders, and hear their stories. All the shenanigans throughout the gives it an extra reason to watch it. I can't wait to meet a couple of these guys at Born Free 6 this year.

Go order your copy today today. Well worth the money. 

Event | Win a 1952 Panhead Motor