Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great interview Kanye West

This was such a great interview from Kanye West. When I listen to Kanye speak, I try to really listen to what he is saying without judgement. He speaks his truth and tries to help. While at the same time, he gets criticized most from people who don't speak and only care about themselves with negative talk. We need speakers in this world. We need people willing to speak out to spark the minds of people. We need people who don't fucking care and speak truth of wishing things will be better for the world.

That's the Kanye West I hear when he speaks. I don't know many artist in 2016 who are so influential as an Artist. I do not agree with every action he makes but I understand what he is truly trying to accomplish for the world.

I appreciate him and I'm thankful for his existence on planet earth. This is a great interview, put your personal feelings aside if you do not like him and listen or you can pass, it's your choice. I think this is a interview that should be heard.

Let's go Wednesday.

I wrote today instead of taking my class.

My morning schedule is usually like. Get up  at 6:00am take my online class on Hubspot, blog, exercise, eat and go to work. Today I said fuck it and start writing. I think I wrote about 3 blogs today which was fucking dope. I am really proud of myself doing this today instead of sticking to my normal schedule.

I posted on my motorcycle blog oopierre as well and I feel good. I also listened to some Kanye West interviews, listened to what some people thought about him. If you notice I posted one of the interviews as well, great interview. I wrote up on one of my favorite youtube vloggers Casey Niestat. I also reached out to this young lady April who is going to be one of my future writing buddies, she trying to find herself in her words and I can't wait to see what she puts out to the world. 

I'm changing as a person and I like it. I see myself going towards a dream I have. I want to inspire and motivate the world the best that I can. 

Welp, time for work. Have a great day today guys and gals and I thank who ever listens and reads my shit. I'm just a man with a dream and I'm pushing more then ever. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sit back, Spark up

This new Gucci Mane feat Travis Scott video is lit. 🔥  ganggang

Promote yourself and have patience

This morning in my Hubspot class they touched on the importance of promoting yourself. It's so important, especially if you are trying to accomplish goals. For some reason, that class made me think of Kevin Hart. He's one of the most influential people to me. He talks about success, life, goals, health and making himself become his thoughts. He's dominated television, social media and comedy with his wild character and his promotional and marketing efforts is out of this world.

I'm happy Evan put this video together for Kevin Hart. Press play and listen.

You have to stay positive, surround yourself with great people and keep moving forward. You have to be patient and you have to invest into yourself, follow your dreams. Do shit that makes you uncomfortable, do shit. The best thing a you can do is push yourself to do something you think, is the right. Don't stop pushing keep moving and don't give up on yourself.

You are on my blog for a reason and this is could be that reason. If not and your good thank you for being here.

I'm trying to inspire the world people. One word and one action at a time.

Let's Go.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Goal Chasing begins.

I decided to put things into action and began a Content Marketing course through HubSpot. My goal in getting an internship as a digital marketer is in motion. I started this course because they offer a certificate in Content Marketing when completed.

 Blasting through the course with ease was the plan, but boy was I wrong. I have to change my gears and my approach to this class. Shits kinda tuff. I began watching videos in the course blind and thinking I was on the correct path. I didn't notice the damn study guide on the side of the screen.

That would've sucked If I didn't see that damn guide.smh lol

My action plan is to take two courses a day. When I complete course, I'll run through it two times, get a firm understand of the text and take the test.

The goal is to pass the test, receive my certificate and begin reaching to marketing companies. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. Let's see how it all works. My goal is to have an internship started or in the workings by January 1, 2017.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Plans for the rest of 2016...

My morning began with a nice warm cup of tea, my iphone in hand and the Medium articles displayed. I read this article about letting yours self go on a blog and let write out personal goals. The article says It makes you take more responsibility for you actions and hold you more accountable to yourself and your goals. I've also read articles and books saying the complete opposite and to keep your personal goals to yourself. Me being the personal I am and going against the grain, I actually like the fact of putting out my ideas and dreams out to the world. I look at it like, If I died before I could accomplish these goals, my son, grand kids, great grand kids can say I had my head in the right place. Also, when I accomplish the goals I write out and actually make them happen, I can look at myself as a prophet of my own destiny and I kinda like that idea.

So lets dive.

I want to end this year as a Content/Digital marketer intern. I've posted many blogs and I create many videos/photos to help promote myself and many people inside and outside my circle. I've had days just sitting and thinking of what I want to do with my life and reflect on what I would do If I could do anything and making money was not an option. After days upon days of thinking, I realized how much I enjoy helping people mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. I have this sense of joy being able to help people live out their dreams and making their ideas come to life. I've read many articles on how not everyone thinks that way. Most people want million of millions of dollars, just to have it. I personally want a different life from that. I want to experience more joy in helping others by mental gains and leave a legacy. 

The thing that changed my life was starting a clothing line, having a store, and building it. That experience lifted my confidence and now I only make decisions based off how I feel and if it's the right thing to do. A lot of people don't realize that money is not the answer. Being a black american, I have been brought up thinking I need to become something great and make a lot of money to feel great about myself and feel successful. Now money is very important, but thats what you chase. It's the goals you chase. The chasing in the goals create the person you have always wanted to be and the feeling of being the person you thought you were and could be feels so good, but a lot of people do not see it that way.

That's were I find myself standing, because I personally do not believe money will make me feel great. Money is great to have and I would love to have a larger bank account, no denying that. But if my life ended and I didn't reach that money part of my life, I refuse to believe life could have been better. Life is fucking great and I want every person especially living in america to feel like me. Love life, have fun, enjoy the small things, cherish our friends and family. That's what life's about and I believe chasing your dreams and goals help me have this feeling.

That's where my goal to become a Digital/Content marketer comes from. I feel like I will be able to help many accomplish their goals, while helping me accomplish mine as well. I've studied many job descriptions and the digital/content marketer works best. My ultimate goal would be, to run my own office and have people smarter then me, more talented, happier, funnier, high drive'd people all under one house. The sole purpose would to help change the world by helping people live their dreams by helping them spread their message. Help them find their message and construct their message to the masses and allow them to succeed. Even if we do not make people super millionaires that would be up to them and what their personal goals. We would be the group of individuals going to the hood, talking to the kids, educating them on the now and how to grow. Show them the power of them and the power of marketing.

It's amazing how many people to this day, do not believe in the power of the internet and marketing. This shit has changed my life and  the fucking world. I'm jump in this craziness to leave my mark and create a legacy as best as I can.

So thats my plan for the rest of 2016.

My current job puts in me alignment with that goal. I am currently a brand specialist for a print and promotional product shop. I've attached my video below, so you can check out what I do at my job. I am going to get on top of my blogs and videos now that I have my computer back up and running. 

If you need help with any branding or enjoy having idea conversations and DO things. Hit me up. If you can Help me out on this journey, to help the world through branding reach out to me. I have so much to learn, but If you've followed my blog for the years, you'll understand helping and branding is my WHY.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Inspire to Inspire.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Day. Time for a change.

 My computer has been down and I have not been able to post the type of post I traditionally like to do. But I am going to continue posting from my cell phone until I get my computer fixed. I refuse to use my lack of having  my computer accessibilty to stop me from posting on this blog. I am going to try to get back into my daily habit and give you information that can help you become the person you dream of becoming or at least help you think about the possiblites. Thank you for continuously following my blog I will continue giving you as much is me as possible.

 With Trump being a new president I'm going to use this as a pusher and not a resistor.  I have many friends so stuck in the world of now that they're not moving and they're holding themselves back because they're focused on the wrong things. I'm going to use this presidency to help build my brand and my community of people who want more for themselves and who are willing to put in the work. I plan to be the prime example of the work to myself and whoever whats to watch.  I do not have a team yet, but I am working on that and I'm going to continue pushing until I begin making difference and deserve to have one. For the next 4 years, I'm challenging myself to push harder then I've ever pushed before.

 Ever since I stopped doing my clothing brand. I discouraged myself and start thinking about what people thought of me and my clothing brand failure. I am finally done. My friends, my family, the people who I inspire and the people in my circle, deserve more of me. Please continue supporting what I am tryjng to do. Which the only thing I know is I am doing is pushing positivity and building myself as a person and help people build themselves as well and understand the power of branding.

Thanks again.

 Product on product on product is coming.

Friday, November 4, 2016


So as you have noticed I uave not been blogging lately. I went from everyday to, damn when was the last time. My computer charging system is down and I cannot pay for a new charger yet. No Cash.

But yea thats my excuse, I was allowing money to dictate my actions. I woke up today, smoked a bowl and started my morning workout routine. ( 100 push ups, 60 crunchies, 100 25lb dumbbell lifts) I start having a feeling about this blog. So I hoped up and dtarted to write. For the people who continuously follow me Thank you, I'm back again. To my 1 or 2 of you.

I hoped on my phome and start typing. Lately I've been doing things out of the box. I start making cold calls at work to help generate more clients. I've been on top of my morning exercise routine and I starting to see a little results. I feels good to see even see, the small results.

I had to check in and get back into my flow. Blogging is definitely one of my flows.

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Let's get better at working hard.

Travis signing out.