Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Great interview Kanye West

This was such a great interview from Kanye West. When I listen to Kanye speak, I try to really listen to what he is saying without judgement. He speaks his truth and tries to help. While at the same time, he gets criticized most from people who don't speak and only care about themselves with negative talk. We need speakers in this world. We need people willing to speak out to spark the minds of people. We need people who don't fucking care and speak truth of wishing things will be better for the world.

That's the Kanye West I hear when he speaks. I don't know many artist in 2016 who are so influential as an Artist. I do not agree with every action he makes but I understand what he is truly trying to accomplish for the world.

I appreciate him and I'm thankful for his existence on planet earth. This is a great interview, put your personal feelings aside if you do not like him and listen or you can pass, it's your choice. I think this is a interview that should be heard.

Let's go Wednesday.

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