Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I wrote today instead of taking my class.

My morning schedule is usually like. Get up  at 6:00am take my online class on Hubspot, blog, exercise, eat and go to work. Today I said fuck it and start writing. I think I wrote about 3 blogs today which was fucking dope. I am really proud of myself doing this today instead of sticking to my normal schedule.

I posted on my motorcycle blog oopierre as well and I feel good. I also listened to some Kanye West interviews, listened to what some people thought about him. If you notice I posted one of the interviews as well, great interview. I wrote up on one of my favorite youtube vloggers Casey Niestat. I also reached out to this young lady April who is going to be one of my future writing buddies, she trying to find herself in her words and I can't wait to see what she puts out to the world. 

I'm changing as a person and I like it. I see myself going towards a dream I have. I want to inspire and motivate the world the best that I can. 

Welp, time for work. Have a great day today guys and gals and I thank who ever listens and reads my shit. I'm just a man with a dream and I'm pushing more then ever. 

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