Friday, January 29, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 9 - Morning Routine

Today we learning about the importance of your morning routine. This is very important because this can determine your whole day. I know a lot of people who do not have routines and they get out of bed crank, have body pains with bad attitudes. With the right routines, it will charge our days to move and make things happen. 

Here is a cool video of successful entrepreneurs and their morning routines. 

If you want to start and not sure what route to go in the morning. Try making your bed. This is a great morning routine because you are starting off your day with success of completion. 

To put this into action try to find a morning routine and stick to it.

Here is a list of my morning routine :

Get up
Listen to Mark Dhamma's Mindset Challenge
Go for a 1-2 miles jog
Make myself a fruit smoothy and bottle of water
Turn on either Gary Vaynerchuk or and listen
Take a shower and have my thankful session and pray
Floss, waterpik and brush my teeth
Get dressed
Hop on my motorcycle and go to work.

Find yours and get your body moving.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 8 - PAR

Today we learned about the importance of habits. As individuals we only have so much will power in a day and we need to try to avoid using our will power so we can sustain and build new habits. Learning and wanting to develop new habits make us stretch our minds and teaches us to act. By training our minds and not giving it the feeling of I Have To Do This but rather a feeling of I really want to do this changes our actions towards maintaing our habits. Mark spoke to a scientist in regards to this situation and created a system to create new habits and make them stick. It's called PAR.

Prompt, Action, Reward.

 1. Prompt is what reminds you to start the new habit.

 Example : Getting up in the morning to meditate, getting ready to go the gym, Getting ready to jog, getting a read to book, etc.

2. Action is the actions itself.

Example : Meditating, Working out at the gym, jogging, reading a book, etc.

3. Reward is a desired out or a pleasurable feeling. Food is a great reward.

Example : Drink your favorite drink, eat your favorite food, doing something rewarding that makes you feel great.

Putting PAR into action will allow you to stay focused on your daily habits and move you into the direction of your goals. 

To put this into action, think of something you have been putting off, find something you start and never finish. Now, apply this system towards that goal and see how things change. Get up, go do it and reward your self.

Let's succeed, move towards our goals and make our dreams come true by putting in the work. 

Stay focused, you can do it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 7 - Train the Brain

Today we learned about the importance of training the brain. We have to consciously control our unconscious mind by thinking about what we want, what we want to create. Those thoughts create imagines and emotions to stir our body's to move toward success. By thinking of the things we want every single day, it slowly conditions the unconscious mind and makes the things we consciously want come to pass. 

Now to put this into action, to re conditions our minds and make a huge amount of change we must practice gratitude. To practice gratitude we must consciously think about the things we are grateful for every single day. Practicing gratitude daily actually raise's your level of happiness, it protects your immune system and allow's you to take more risk. It makes you mentally stronger. 

So today we are going to start practicing being grateful for at least 3-5 things everyday. Think about bring grateful while going on a walk, while being active or write it down. 

Things I am grateful for?

1. Waking up today.

2. Being able to take care of my family.

3. Being able to wake up early and write on this blog.

4. To have friends and family to call.

5. To have a job.

By doing this everyday it's going to recondition your mind so you can be happier, it will make you healthier and more successful. Practice this everyday and see how things begin to change.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 5 - Discovered Life's Mission

Today we learned about discovering our life's mission. If we plan to make a difference in our lives and we want to do things beyond our current situation, we must focus on the things that make us move and move forward with them. No more thinking or try, just doing. So today we were hit with questions that really pushes our boundaries, pushes our minds and really made us focus on what was important.

So to put this into action, here are some questions you should answer for yourself and start working on. Truly answer these questions, open your mind and become aware. This can help your life out tremendously.

1. What in life is the most precious thing in your life?

2. What is the most disturbing thing in your life.

3. What could you resolve to make thing better?

 4. What is really important to you?

Here are my answers:

1. The most precious thing in my life is my son. My health, wealth and mindset are very important to me as well but my son is more precious then my own life.

2. The most disturbing thing in my life is the lack of inspiration the world has for us. We have things like the internet, television, and social media that seems as though they were designed to make the majority of people zombies and do nothing with life but un-motivate, immobilize, un-inspire. It disturbs me to see people at my job do nothing but gossip and people online become liars, hypocrites, losers and posers. 

3. To make thing better I want to encourage people with wise words, knowledge and steer people away from television. Teach people to use the internet as a tool to grow not a tool to waist time. Also, work with entrepreneurs and individuals who want more for themselves. Show people with action, and resolve laziness and procrastination the best of my ability. 

4. Being a man a value and leaving a legacy is important to me. 

Here are my answers, where is yours? 

Leave me a comment if you read this and show me you want more?

Lets's grow together...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 4 - Relationships

Today we learned the importance of the people we surround ourselves with, is vital to our success. If you are surrounded by people who are not supportive, not motivated, not inspired that can be a major key that is holding you back from taking your life to the next level.

This quote is exactly what the mindset challenge is all about today.

To put this into action, were going to identify the people in our lives. Grab a pen and paper then write down all of the friends you have who support you, who have the same goals and inspiration of yourself. Now make a second list of the people you surround yourself with, who do not support your dreams and goals. Do this so you can be aware of the people in your life. 

Now that you see the people who matter in your life, CUT the others off. There is a quote that goes " Your Network determines Your Net Worth". Remember this and make sure you write down this list. If you are reading this and are saying to yourself, well none of my friends are supportive, then good your are becoming aware and it's time to start finding new friends. Go to mindset meetup, hit me up, find a organization to meet new people who think like you and are aligned with you and your dreams. Doing this will raise your awareness and put you one step forward towards reaching your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Let us separate our selves from the negative, move forward and impact the lives arounds us.
We are the change.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 3 - Autonomy

Today we learned about building awareness to our Autonomy. Autonomy is a way of defining ourself as an individual and taking control of 110 percent of everything that happens in our life, being self directed. It is looking deep into ourself and making the decisions based on what we truly believe is correct and how we feel as individuals. This is a major key to success because we do not sit and complain or blame circumstances for the things that happen in our life from the actions that occur throughout life's journeys. We are in complete control, so it does not matter what happens good or bad in life, we must take complete responsibility for everything that happens, move forward and grow. 

This picture is a great representation on how Autonomy works.

To put this into action, keep track of how many times you or the people around give up your Autonomy. Giving up your Autonomy is saying things like, my life is out of my control or I only did this because of this or that or because of this person. Basically sounding like we do not have complete control of a situation, no matter what it is. So when you hear yourself or people around you say things that makes you give up your Autonomy, write it down. This will help you build your awareness of your personal Autonomy and allow you to grow because it will make you stop focusing on what you can't do and what you can and that is how success begins. 

Let's raise our awareness, take action and experience more motivation.

The first step to change, is awareness. 

Let's do this.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 2 - The 2 types of Motivation

Today Mark was speaking of the Self Determination Theory. There are 3 different phases of his theory but the one he touched on today was on the two types of motivation. The first is Extrinsic motivation and that come from the outside in, meaning some type of reward, like money, a car, new stuff, a prize, a trophy and etc. This type of motivation has it's place in life but for success and truly living up to our own potential, we need to focus on the second type of motivation and that's our the Intrinsic motivation. This is a very important part of success because it makes us focus on the things we want not for the sake of money but the sake of personal achievement.  

This video is simple and breaks down Intrinsic Motivation very well, check it out.

Intrinsic Motivation needs to be something we need to focus on to grow and stay focused. Today, our challenge from Mark is to focus on giving yourself positive feedback, to increase your intrinsic motivation. By giving yourself positive feedback, it builds your intrinsic motivation and it keeps you moving, while striving to be your own personal best. I am personally using this method to build myself up and share the knowledge I am getting to hopefully help and change as many lives as I can through this blog.

To put this into action. Give yourself at least 5 positive feedback's when trying to do something, you do not usually do or something out of your comfort zone. Tell yourself what your doing and be specific. Increase your Intrinsic motivation today guys, you can do.

Here are some my personal examples for my day so far :

1. I am proud of myself for waking up today and writing this blog before I went into work.
2. Great workout today, I did a 3 mile jog, 50 push ups.
3. I am on track and staying true to getting up in the morning.
4. I am really engaging with my goals.
5. I am rewiring my subconscious mind towards success.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My 30 day Mindset Challenge with Mark Dhamma - The Mind

Today I started a 30 challenge with Mark Dhamma

It's called Limitless, Transforming your life in the next 30 days. I am one of those people who understands the power of thoughts and actions. My only hold back is my follow up to my actions and thoughts. On our first lesson Mark talks about the Elephant metaphor and how our conscious mind is controlled by our subconscious mind and how it stops us from truly accomplishing our personal goals. The elephant metaphor is the idea of a person riding a elephant is the conscious mind and the elephant is the subconscious mind.

Mark wants us to think about how our subconscious mind stops us from achieving our goals. He wants us to wake up and find a way to take control of our subconscious mind and lead our own path to success by asking questions to ourselves. The first thing he has us do is write down at least 3 things we've Consciously wanted but procrastinated with? Secondly, he wants us to write down what beliefs have we been conditioned with, like things we live by like quotes, sayings, or things that you believe are real that hold you back unconsciously? 

Here are some of my answers to these questions.

1. Write at least 3 things we've Consciously wanted - 

* I want to run my own business my own business again.
* I want to be financially free and not have to worry about money.
*I want to help build entrepreneurs and make dreamers into believers.
* I want to be healthy and physically fit.
* I want to manage my finances. 
* I want to enjoy reading books on a daily.
* I want to have more time to spend with my family.
* I want to bring my friends and family together and have a monthly fun day.
* I want to travel to different countries. 
* I want to be a multi millionaire.
* I want to be a shark on shark tank.
*I want to own multiple properties.
* I want to own a Lamborghini Murcielago, exotic cars and many motorcycles.

2. What beliefs have we've been Conditioned with -

* Go to school, work hard, save your money, buy a house, get married, have kids, retire.
* The best things come to those who wait.
* A good mechanic always looks after his tools.
* You must be patient.
* Reading is hard and tiresome
* Children should be seen, not heard.
* If your going to do something do it right the first time.

Here are a few things of what I want and what has been conditioned in my mind. 

If your reading this, try it out for your self and see what could possibly be holding you back from succeeding and crushing 2016.

God is in us, health is real and make dreams your daily routine.

Have a great day today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Morning Motivation with Brendon

Happy New Years,

So this year has started off great. I have been exercising on a daily, building my client base, getting better at taking my camera to work and staying focused on my goals. I've also been trying to find new people to work with and new friends. My motivation has come from the realization of where I come from and where I want to go. I really want to give back to the world by helping people move and believing in the impossible. 

Today I watched a video from and this guy is great. He gave me a nice jolt today from his video. The video is called Start Something That Matters and I get it. I took this video as a message to move. Working on small things are a great and a major key to make the big thing happen and thats how to accomplish the things you need to do. Feeling a since of fear for some of the goals we want to attain because they seem so far ahead is a blessing. It's a blessing to want to certain things, it's a blessing to want to want more and it will continue to move you. Make today your bitch and continue moving until you reach the small things it takes to make today feel accomplished.

Make today your day and move. You can do it. We were born to accomplish our goals, we just have to march towards them and keep your eyes on the prize.

It's only with momentum, that things become more real. - Brendon Burburchard