Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 7 - Train the Brain

Today we learned about the importance of training the brain. We have to consciously control our unconscious mind by thinking about what we want, what we want to create. Those thoughts create imagines and emotions to stir our body's to move toward success. By thinking of the things we want every single day, it slowly conditions the unconscious mind and makes the things we consciously want come to pass. 

Now to put this into action, to re conditions our minds and make a huge amount of change we must practice gratitude. To practice gratitude we must consciously think about the things we are grateful for every single day. Practicing gratitude daily actually raise's your level of happiness, it protects your immune system and allow's you to take more risk. It makes you mentally stronger. 

So today we are going to start practicing being grateful for at least 3-5 things everyday. Think about bring grateful while going on a walk, while being active or write it down. 

Things I am grateful for?

1. Waking up today.

2. Being able to take care of my family.

3. Being able to wake up early and write on this blog.

4. To have friends and family to call.

5. To have a job.

By doing this everyday it's going to recondition your mind so you can be happier, it will make you healthier and more successful. Practice this everyday and see how things begin to change.

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