Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 8 - PAR

Today we learned about the importance of habits. As individuals we only have so much will power in a day and we need to try to avoid using our will power so we can sustain and build new habits. Learning and wanting to develop new habits make us stretch our minds and teaches us to act. By training our minds and not giving it the feeling of I Have To Do This but rather a feeling of I really want to do this changes our actions towards maintaing our habits. Mark spoke to a scientist in regards to this situation and created a system to create new habits and make them stick. It's called PAR.

Prompt, Action, Reward.

 1. Prompt is what reminds you to start the new habit.

 Example : Getting up in the morning to meditate, getting ready to go the gym, Getting ready to jog, getting a read to book, etc.

2. Action is the actions itself.

Example : Meditating, Working out at the gym, jogging, reading a book, etc.

3. Reward is a desired out or a pleasurable feeling. Food is a great reward.

Example : Drink your favorite drink, eat your favorite food, doing something rewarding that makes you feel great.

Putting PAR into action will allow you to stay focused on your daily habits and move you into the direction of your goals. 

To put this into action, think of something you have been putting off, find something you start and never finish. Now, apply this system towards that goal and see how things change. Get up, go do it and reward your self.

Let's succeed, move towards our goals and make our dreams come true by putting in the work. 

Stay focused, you can do it.

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