Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 5 - Discovered Life's Mission

Today we learned about discovering our life's mission. If we plan to make a difference in our lives and we want to do things beyond our current situation, we must focus on the things that make us move and move forward with them. No more thinking or try, just doing. So today we were hit with questions that really pushes our boundaries, pushes our minds and really made us focus on what was important.

So to put this into action, here are some questions you should answer for yourself and start working on. Truly answer these questions, open your mind and become aware. This can help your life out tremendously.

1. What in life is the most precious thing in your life?

2. What is the most disturbing thing in your life.

3. What could you resolve to make thing better?

 4. What is really important to you?

Here are my answers:

1. The most precious thing in my life is my son. My health, wealth and mindset are very important to me as well but my son is more precious then my own life.

2. The most disturbing thing in my life is the lack of inspiration the world has for us. We have things like the internet, television, and social media that seems as though they were designed to make the majority of people zombies and do nothing with life but un-motivate, immobilize, un-inspire. It disturbs me to see people at my job do nothing but gossip and people online become liars, hypocrites, losers and posers. 

3. To make thing better I want to encourage people with wise words, knowledge and steer people away from television. Teach people to use the internet as a tool to grow not a tool to waist time. Also, work with entrepreneurs and individuals who want more for themselves. Show people with action, and resolve laziness and procrastination the best of my ability. 

4. Being a man a value and leaving a legacy is important to me. 

Here are my answers, where is yours? 

Leave me a comment if you read this and show me you want more?

Lets's grow together...

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