Friday, January 22, 2016

Mindset Challenge Day 2 - The 2 types of Motivation

Today Mark was speaking of the Self Determination Theory. There are 3 different phases of his theory but the one he touched on today was on the two types of motivation. The first is Extrinsic motivation and that come from the outside in, meaning some type of reward, like money, a car, new stuff, a prize, a trophy and etc. This type of motivation has it's place in life but for success and truly living up to our own potential, we need to focus on the second type of motivation and that's our the Intrinsic motivation. This is a very important part of success because it makes us focus on the things we want not for the sake of money but the sake of personal achievement.  

This video is simple and breaks down Intrinsic Motivation very well, check it out.

Intrinsic Motivation needs to be something we need to focus on to grow and stay focused. Today, our challenge from Mark is to focus on giving yourself positive feedback, to increase your intrinsic motivation. By giving yourself positive feedback, it builds your intrinsic motivation and it keeps you moving, while striving to be your own personal best. I am personally using this method to build myself up and share the knowledge I am getting to hopefully help and change as many lives as I can through this blog.

To put this into action. Give yourself at least 5 positive feedback's when trying to do something, you do not usually do or something out of your comfort zone. Tell yourself what your doing and be specific. Increase your Intrinsic motivation today guys, you can do.

Here are some my personal examples for my day so far :

1. I am proud of myself for waking up today and writing this blog before I went into work.
2. Great workout today, I did a 3 mile jog, 50 push ups.
3. I am on track and staying true to getting up in the morning.
4. I am really engaging with my goals.
5. I am rewiring my subconscious mind towards success.

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