Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fashion | 2016 Best Men's Style Brands of 2016

I think Levis is the most classic and respected American brand of all time. It does not have to try to represent anything but the American People. That's one of my favorites for the year followed by Supreme. Nothing like a fresh dark navy pair of Levis, black/white Chuck Taylor All Star high top classics and a white Supreme Red Box logo shirt.

Music | 2 Chainz - Big Amount feat Drake

Song: This song is a banger. We all know just about every song Drake is featured on is going ot be a banger. Well here's another for the books.

Video: I really like how this video was made at the concert and how the editor brings the live footage in and out of the video. It lowkey look like someone followed 2 Chainz around and got creative. I think more artist should do video like these.

Let me know what you think?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Music | Big Sean - Bounce Back

Song: Fuckin Big Sean never stops and I never will stop making hits. This is one of those songs you can turn up on in a club or a party. Dj's are definitely going to be spinning this track, especially in the strip clubs.

Video: The visuals for this video were dope. The colors are dope and the upside down ocean/city was dope as well. I like how they threw the phat ass's in there but not to much. The big ass moon in the background looked cool. I do think the video was a little repetitive.

Let me know what you think?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hip-Hop's First Billionaire

This is huge for hip hop community. To see this mogul scale himself to the degree to be in route of becoming the first hip hop industry billionaire says a lot about the hip hop culture and the direction it's going. Puffy is breaking all the rules that were set against him, especially being a black american in this country.

The second it's officially announced he's a billionaire I'm going to play Bad Boy records, all Biggy would be proud. Mad respect Sean John Combs.

Music | Migos - Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert

I can't stop playing this song. The beat goes hard, it's swaggy and the video turns the video up. Listen to this with speakers or good earphones.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Music | Travis Scott - Biebs in the trap feat. NAV

New video alert. Travis finally drops a video off his birds in the trap album. I think this is his first video drop off the album.

Song: It's interesting how he named this song biebs in the trap, I get it. This song is a banger. I highly advise to play this at a house party. This album is actually a banger, there are a few songs that I would pass through but all in all Travis goes up. Plus we have the same

Video: It's kinda what ever. It's cool as hell watching them do donuts in the Lamborghini Aventador. The models wearing white with the plastic on the face, idk. But the coke'd out girl at the end of the video, brings the whole idea of the song together.

Let me know what you think?

7 great takeaways for 2017

This is a great video from Evan Carmichael.  These 7 steps can really help make your 2017 a success.

1. Set A Goal
2. Create A Better Environment
3. Say Yes To The Uncomfortable
4. Build In Accountability
5. Talk With Customers
6. Create, Create, Create
7. Find Your One Word

Do you think there are any steps he missed?

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


I love being a father and this video helps support that reason.😂😂

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Music | Desiigner - Tiger

Even though this may only be  snippet of the song, it goes up. I think the beat and his flow riding the beat sounds dope. This is definitely not a a lyrical song at all. But I don't turn on Desiigner for lyrics n-e-ways sooooo.

But it sounds dope, this little snippet will get a a club, a party crackin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12.19.2016 update

These past few months have been the most uplifting months of this year. I'm starting to understand who I am as a person and what I really want to do with my life. I'm piecing together the things that are necessary for me to become a better person and a better man. I feel a drive that I really haven't felt since I started my clothing brand and opened my store, years ago. That experience was so fucking amazing, I feel blessed to have experienced the things I have, now it's time for a new chapter.

I needed to get that out of my head and on this screen. This blog is not popular,  but it's more of a personal blog for myself to be able to go back and reflect on my life. I feel a since of freedom writing out my thoughts. This blogs allows me to not give a fuck and let myself out. My mind is so stretched out with information with all the things I've experienced in my life. The only thing missing on this blog is more of me. I could do so more writing and so much more posting but I find myslef over thinking myself out of it. Yesterday for instance. I was going to put together a list blog things to blog about for this week. So, when I sat down in front of my computers and starting over thinking all of the things that had to be done and I did nothing.

These thoughts that run through my mind keeps me so strong. It makes me fear things because I feel like I'm am so stretched. But in reality I'm not that stretched at all.

I am into motorcycles, off road shit. One of my good friends Jeremy, who recently lost his father, has a Rzr 4 1000. That shits super fast and fun ass hell. He is also the manager of a motorcycle/ off road shop, where I worked for 5 years. Working at Mountain Motorsports made me love all that crazy shit, now I'm a motohead. I also had my clothing store and clothing brand. The brand was very heavy into street wear culture. The brand life had the biggest effect on me as a person and now when I look at fashion and the trends, I understand how controllable it'll always be. I also worked at Ritz Camera shop for some years, so I'm heavy into photography and videos creation.

While going through my transition after I quit doing my clothing brand stuff, I start trying out a bunch of different things. I tried starting a video company and with boy Sunny and it didn't work out. Then I tried to start a vintage clothing store in my shop and that didn't work out either. I also tried starting a coffee shop in my shop as well. While in the mist of getting the coffee shop going, my wife had this idea of us moving to San Diego, as I call in sales she began dropping seeds.

At first I was like nawww, it sounds cool but naww. My job at the Mountain Motorsports was the shit. I worked with my homiees, we smoked, I knew everything, the rim sizes, the speeds, the clutches, the exhaust, the best first bike for the new riders, the best gloves, the fastest funniest bikes, the common over heating problems with rzr's, everything. I made really good money, actually my old co-worker Bobby in sales is making over $100K this year. [good shit bro].

At the same time I would go to a mindset meeting with my guys Pro and Rasheed every tuesday night about our goals and visions of the future. One major thing I learned from that mindset gathering was how I want to help the world and help give people opportunities.

To fast forward back to now, I worked at a company called 220 Marketing Group, we sold websites to mortgage lenders. We would talk about seo, ppc, and different ways to keep your old clients close and new clients closer. It taught me the bases of digital marketing. After working there, I didn't like how management was so I quit there and start working as a Brand Specialist at Promoventures. This job is great. I sell promotional items, tee shirts, embroidery, everything with a logo. It's fucking dope.

Through all the experiences , I've learned to love myself more. I've learned how much I enjoy learning and how much I want to act on thoughts way more. One thing I will focus on from now on and into the forever is how to keep myself busy and waste less time. I find myself wasting time and not doing anything constructive. This is one thing I am trying to commit myself to do more of.

I have dreams of inspiring the world and teaching people that we all deserve a shot. I want to help people get that shot and and people step up to plate.

It's one thing to have cheerleaders and customers. It's another thing to help bring customers to you, your business and ultimately change your lifestyle. There is nothing like having help from people who genuinely want to help you and help you succeed.

My legacy is my mission in life. What I leave behind is what I care about most, not what I have now. Father life has taught me a very important life idea, always try harder and be as best as you can.

When life throws you fruits, eat em.

I will end it on this note, but I'll keep these going. It feels good to let me mind go and just write.

Good Day Tuesday.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Music | Caveman

Here is some new music for your playlist. These dude make some very chill, well seasoned music for me to just relax, smoke a bowl and love life.

It's also great trip music. Great music for hitting the road and doing something adventurous with your friends and family.

Go check them out - Caveman 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Slayer x Supreme

Supreme's latest project comes in the form of a collaboration with American thrash metal band Slayer. Formed in Huntington Park, California in 1981 by Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King, Tom Araya and Dave Lombardo, the group started off by playing cover songs at parties, as well as clubs. The aggressive and creative nature in all facets of their artistry has allowed the band to create twelve albums and sell 20 million records.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Joe Rogan Society Trap

I've been having a this huge fascination with this guy lately. His thought process and the way we should think and live is not a new way of thinking. But more of a deeper way of thinking.

I think I'm becoming a huge fan. Check out this video. Let me know your thoughts?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

He's really done with his daily vlog.

I can't believe Casey Neistat is finished his vlog. But since he has finished his daily vlog, it makes me questions myself on what I'm doing and what changes I can make and contribute to this world. His vlog really impacted me without really realizing it. I really watched his video like a my own personal youtube television show and I am truly going to miss him.

But knowing he is still going to be posting video's makes me feel way better. I need his creativity in my life, to inspire me. I'm really happy for his company being purchased by Cnn and I am happy for his new journey.

We support you Casey Neistat and we appreciate you brother. Can't wait till the next video.