Tuesday, December 20, 2016

12.19.2016 update

These past few months have been the most uplifting months of this year. I'm starting to understand who I am as a person and what I really want to do with my life. I'm piecing together the things that are necessary for me to become a better person and a better man. I feel a drive that I really haven't felt since I started my clothing brand and opened my store, years ago. That experience was so fucking amazing, I feel blessed to have experienced the things I have, now it's time for a new chapter.

I needed to get that out of my head and on this screen. This blog is not popular,  but it's more of a personal blog for myself to be able to go back and reflect on my life. I feel a since of freedom writing out my thoughts. This blogs allows me to not give a fuck and let myself out. My mind is so stretched out with information with all the things I've experienced in my life. The only thing missing on this blog is more of me. I could do so more writing and so much more posting but I find myslef over thinking myself out of it. Yesterday for instance. I was going to put together a list blog things to blog about for this week. So, when I sat down in front of my computers and starting over thinking all of the things that had to be done and I did nothing.

These thoughts that run through my mind keeps me so strong. It makes me fear things because I feel like I'm am so stretched. But in reality I'm not that stretched at all.

I am into motorcycles, off road shit. One of my good friends Jeremy, who recently lost his father, has a Rzr 4 1000. That shits super fast and fun ass hell. He is also the manager of a motorcycle/ off road shop, where I worked for 5 years. Working at Mountain Motorsports made me love all that crazy shit, now I'm a motohead. I also had my clothing store and clothing brand. The brand was very heavy into street wear culture. The brand life had the biggest effect on me as a person and now when I look at fashion and the trends, I understand how controllable it'll always be. I also worked at Ritz Camera shop for some years, so I'm heavy into photography and videos creation.

While going through my transition after I quit doing my clothing brand stuff, I start trying out a bunch of different things. I tried starting a video company and with boy Sunny and it didn't work out. Then I tried to start a vintage clothing store in my shop and that didn't work out either. I also tried starting a coffee shop in my shop as well. While in the mist of getting the coffee shop going, my wife had this idea of us moving to San Diego, as I call in sales she began dropping seeds.

At first I was like nawww, it sounds cool but naww. My job at the Mountain Motorsports was the shit. I worked with my homiees, we smoked, I knew everything, the rim sizes, the speeds, the clutches, the exhaust, the best first bike for the new riders, the best gloves, the fastest funniest bikes, the common over heating problems with rzr's, everything. I made really good money, actually my old co-worker Bobby in sales is making over $100K this year. [good shit bro].

At the same time I would go to a mindset meeting with my guys Pro and Rasheed every tuesday night about our goals and visions of the future. One major thing I learned from that mindset gathering was how I want to help the world and help give people opportunities.

To fast forward back to now, I worked at a company called 220 Marketing Group, we sold websites to mortgage lenders. We would talk about seo, ppc, and different ways to keep your old clients close and new clients closer. It taught me the bases of digital marketing. After working there, I didn't like how management was so I quit there and start working as a Brand Specialist at Promoventures. This job is great. I sell promotional items, tee shirts, embroidery, everything with a logo. It's fucking dope.

Through all the experiences , I've learned to love myself more. I've learned how much I enjoy learning and how much I want to act on thoughts way more. One thing I will focus on from now on and into the forever is how to keep myself busy and waste less time. I find myself wasting time and not doing anything constructive. This is one thing I am trying to commit myself to do more of.

I have dreams of inspiring the world and teaching people that we all deserve a shot. I want to help people get that shot and and people step up to plate.

It's one thing to have cheerleaders and customers. It's another thing to help bring customers to you, your business and ultimately change your lifestyle. There is nothing like having help from people who genuinely want to help you and help you succeed.

My legacy is my mission in life. What I leave behind is what I care about most, not what I have now. Father life has taught me a very important life idea, always try harder and be as best as you can.

When life throws you fruits, eat em.

I will end it on this note, but I'll keep these going. It feels good to let me mind go and just write.

Good Day Tuesday.


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