Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to pursue all your passions without looking flaky.

I have been watching Marie Forleo's video for a while now. And I can honestly say, I am a fan. This video in particular is great for the multi-passionate person who feels like they do to much, but still manages to get things done. I like how she gives a few actionable strategies to continue moving forward and helps make you feel great about being this type of person. Here are six ideas she says, that can really help get you over feeling like your flaky or doing the most.

1. Embrace your Flake - Own your journey and don't be ashamed of what you do. Be proud of doing all the things you do.

2. Position it Properly - Realize you get to choose your position and how are you going to tell your story. 

3. Play in Private - You do not have to announce everything you do every time your start something new. Wait till your ready to show face, before you show face. Play with yourself in private, it's okay.

4. Relish Obscurity - Use this time to make mistakes and test things out. Try random ideas.

5. Don't try and turn everything into a business - Have hobbies and passions you do purely for the joy of it.

6. Give zero fu*ks - Don't give a fu*k what other people think. Do what you want to do, at the end of the day it's your life, the only thing that show matter is your happiness and joy.

I hope this video helps and inspires you to move. The world needs more positive people doing things they love. 

We only life once, thats the model and we yolo. - Drake

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