Friday, July 29, 2016

Becoming the Leader You Want to Be.

This is a great video on the actions we need to be take becoming the best leader and person we can be. I recently stumbled onto Marshall Goldsmith and I believe his insights are great for people who really are trying to grow and have a vision. I think he is more of a realistic guy and not much of a motivational guy. So if you're already pumped and your pushing through right now, this could be a great video for you. If your still in the stages of making a change in your life, I will post other videos for you. 

I really like how Mr. Goldsmith tells own personal story about how he kept hearing people and how life kept showing him what he thought he wasn't. I think we as individuals go through this type of life situation a lot, especially when trying new things. It's cool how it took one person (his teacher) to wake him up and help him realize that the identity that you think you are, your really not. We choose to be the person we want to be and we can create whatever type of life we want. I hope this video helps entrepreneurs or people in power to understand that you can change your ways and challenge ourself to be a better person. Go do something or start becoming the person you really want to be now. This video could be a wake up call for someone, hopefully it's YOU.

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