Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rob Deyrdek's Rules to Success

I am a huge fan of skateboarding. I may not be the guy that goes out and kill it but I have friends who can. I was more of the guy who had the camera in hand when they are start going. Being around skater friends, also introduced me to a bunch of professional skaters and Rob was one of those guys. He is a dope skater businessman and watching the was he inspired people, listening to the way he talked and hearing his vision has made me appreciate him. Thats why I choose to post him today. His top 10 rules for success is great, I feel like he was a regular guy that used what he had and created something beyond himself.  Thank you, Evan Carmichael for creating this video.

1. Be relentless
He was involved in sports as a child and began skateboarding at the age of eleven.

2. You can't do it by yourself 
He received his first skateboard from professional skateboarder Neil Blender.

3. Stick in your lane
"I was a pretty driven young man. I was so focused on becoming a pro skateboarder. I would sit in school and think about all the tricks I was going to do, then I’d get out of school and skate until they made me come inside."

4. Be honest
At the age of twelve, Dyrdek acquired sponsorship from the same company that Blender was a team member of and began his skateboarding career.

5. Desire to grow and create
Later, Dyrdek and Blender quit their board sponsor and created Alien Workshop—Dyrdek’s current skateboard deck sponsor and a company that he now owns.

6. Create a healthy schedule
At the age of sixteen, Dyrdek decided to forgo his senior year of high school and instead moved to Southern California to continue with his professional skate career.

7. Learn from others
Dyrdek set twenty-one separate Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his former show Rob & Big.

8. Let people excel at what they are best at
He is the creator of the Street League Skateboarding - a professional skateboarding contest.

9. Focus on always learning
He began his exploration of entrepreneurship through shoe design and this led Dyrdek to launch various short-lived companies, including a hip-hop record label and a skate shop.

10. Think far out 
Rob Dyrdek Foundation is dedicated to building LEGAL skate parks for skateboarders in their communities.

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