Thursday, July 28, 2016

7.28.2016 Update..

So I've recently made a commitment to myself to blog more often. I want to be a good writer one day and tell amazing stories to my son about how his dad wanted something so bad and kept practicing and practicing for years and finally started to create masterpieces of a conglomerate of words. I am not the average writer, at least that's what I think. No one in my family writes, non of my friends write, no one in my circle of moving forward with my life does either. This is purely a personal thing for the reasons of inspiration and motivation. If you've been following my blog, you will see that i only vibe out to positive things. I only want positive things in my life and I am continuously battling with myself to keep that mindset. So many negative thoughts go through my mind and causes me to lose focus and get off track. I think this is the reason why I smoke weed. When I'm high for some reason I allow myself to let go and flow with my creative mind. This very moment I am completely sober for some strange reason. Well not really a strange reason, I'm low on funds and I don't have a medical card to go pick up or receive an express delivery form the mobile weed man. That's definitely something I will have to attain this year. My medical license, as Dj Khalid would say, it's a major key.

I would consider myself a smoker. Like a real life, don't need anyone around, all by myself with a bunch of books, my computer, my phone and a pen and paper. It's funny, I currently living with my girls sister and her husband in there newborns sons room. This is one of the most interesting times of my life and I am truly thankful for this whole experience. Let me let you in a little bit.

April 1, 2016 - I quit working for one of the funniest, carefree, jobs ever. I sold motorcycles at a Mountain Motorsports in Ontario, Ca. That experience changed my life or at least the direction of my life. I learned how to ride motorcycles, I learned how to work on motorcycles, I learned that most people in this world just genuinely want to be happy, I learned that getting what you want in life could ultimately kill you and be the death of you.,  Before I got that job I was running my own clothing store with my so called best friends who back stabbed me the second they saw me vulnerable. They took my baby, my brand under neath my nose and I just let it go. Once thing I've learned about certain people and money is that certain people will always have their own agenda. I say certain because that's not how life is, so I'm not going to say "well since they were like that, everybody's like that" because that's not true. I just happened to deal with certain people who were like that and I'm blessed I did because I know how to identify those people a whole a lot easier now.

This is one of those things I am going to work on, I start on one track while writing one thing and easily jump to another track, from 0 to 100 real quick with some new idea that runs through my head. This post has now become a two day thing for me now. When I start writing and trying to get in the zone shit always come the fuck up, and shit like this happens. I did wake up this morning and read a article on reading from a guy named Jon Westenberg on How writing 1000 words a day changed his life. It's funny how when I started this long ass post from yesterday I was thinking how in the fuck am I really going to get better at writing. Then the second I get up in the morning, grab my iphone, turn off my loud ass alarm and after laying there thinking and looking at my roof pondering if I should go exercise or go read and listen to Gary Vaynerchuks book "AskGaryVee" because it's finally on Youtube. And I thought fuck it, I got a few red dot updates on my facebook lets see whats going on. Basically shit. Well besides my cousin inviting me to her sons birthday party in Los Angeles which sucks because I'm moving to San Diego this weekend, soo that not going to happen. I get off that shit and then I think, hmmm I need to read something because that what I usually do in the morning, so I open up the Medium app and think,  ohh shit I should post my first Medium today. So instead of me actually fucking doing it, my ass types in, my first post and the article "How writing 1000 words a Days Changed My Life". I'm happy I read this article because it inspired me to get my ass back on this post and keep pushing through till I get to my 1000 words.

In the article Jon talks about his own journey about his 1000 words a writing and how he was able to continuously push through. He talks about how some of his best work was done when he did not feel like it. That's so interesting to me because it's so much that has to go through your mind to keep your self going, staying creative, coming up with ideas, writer block fuck. Jon says the key to writing a 1000 words a day is to just do it. Do not care about what you write about, just write and let the words flow through your fingers. No matter if you wake up drunk, tired ass shit, don't feel like just fucking push through. That's funny because thats exactly how i am feeling right now at this very moment. Just keep on fucking pushing until I get to my 1000 words. Jon speaks on how his work was like a 50/50 in terms of quality of reading. Some of his work was great some of his work was garbage. You just can't allow yourself not to write because you feel like it is garbage. The garbage is whats going to lead you to gold. You just have to be consistent and not give a fuck about how you feel and let your mind go and let those fingers move.

And there it is, I fucking did. I FUCKING DID it. Yea, I had some assistance, with half this shit already being written because I started on it yesterday.  But it does not matter, I'm going to make a goal to at least post a 1000 words every 2 days. I will try and push myself to do a 1000 words a day but my personal goal will be at least every 2 days is fine with me to start. I hope you enjoyed my little personal update today.

Lets's see how consistent I will be with my self and this blog.

Good Day Thursday, Let's Gooooooo..

And I am not going to reread this shit, because I haver to go to work, so if i have some horrible grammar. I don't fucking care. Peace

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