Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back at it again.

These past few months I have gone through about 3 different jobs. I am in the middle of transitioning to San Diego, Ca. This has not been the easiest move for the boy though. I have gotten to the point where I've only had $12.00 to my name. I can only give blessings and thanks to God. All I've been doing is trying to keep the best attitude possible and stay focused on my goals and continue moving.

Some of the things I have learned on this little endeavor I am on is to first and foremost, 

I truly believe my attitude help keep me pushing and keep me sain. There have been moments on this move where I could have easily given up and gone back to my last job in Ontario, Ca. It would have been the easiest thing for me to do, they want me back. 

The first company had me focused on making a lot of money. After seeing check from my co-worker one for $15k another for $13k I was like oh shit I done found a new career. But what I learned from that experience is life is not all about chasing money. That position required a person to have themselves in a great financial situation already and have time to spend a few thousand before you see the return. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have that much set aside to spend on work. And to be honest who really does, I mean when you get a new job your suppose to be making money, not spending money. I wasn't trying to be an entrepreneur I just needed something to help me make this move to San Diego. Something safe and secure, at least for the time beings. 

So that didn't work and like I said, life is not all about chasing money. It could put you in a situation you can regret forever if you don't make sudden changes. Which I did of course.

The second company had me focused on building companies businesses via online. After seeing what we could do for people and how our product really helped, really captured my interest. But what I learned from job number 2 is that you cannot work for a person who is a complete ass hole. I feel sorry for all the people that work for that company. The guy who owned the place had split personalities. He is one of those guys thats probably cool ass hell to hang out with outside of work. But as soon as you step into the business he's this micro managing, I've done everything, I know all the answer's, I won't talk to a customer but I'll tell you what to do type of person. 

Unfortunately for him, I know my value and I could never allow myself to work for a person like that for to long, so I got out. 

Now job number 3. Sorry I gotta through LOL in here.  But 3 jobs, 2 months, the though just makes me laugh. I've been out here in San Diego for 2 months and I've aready had 3 jobs. WTF. LOL hahahahaha


Job number 3, sounds great so far. I start this week...

Lets see what happens but thanks if you read this whole

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