Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Double Your Productivity

I was recently introduced to Ramit Sethi. I have found myself becoming very picky in deciding who to listen to and who to take knowledge from. Ramit has a great perspective on daily actions towards achieving our personal goals. In this video, he gives GREAT insights on strategically doubling productivity.

My personal take away would be to make a action plan, test it out and see what results I'm getting. Also to make it happen on a specific amount of time, so my time is not wasted and I can actually allow myself to see what results I am getting from my personal change and growth. Think strategically not just tactically. 

Check this video out. If you have to watch a couple time to understand, Do It.

Plan of action.

1. Testing
2. Be brutally honest with yourself
3. Create clear guidelines for what matter.

We live in a world that is, not what it should be. The world is yours and everything in it.

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