Tuesday, July 26, 2016

16 Rich Habits

This list was put together from the success.com website. I believe this list and I believe that reading a list like this everyday to help keep you focused can make a great improvement in your life. Go to Success.com and see the break down of each of the 16 habits

1. Live within your means
2. Don't gamble
3. Read everyday
4. Forget the boob tube and spend less time surfing  the Internet
5. Control emotions
6. Network and volunteer regularly
7. Go about and beyond in work and business
8. Set goals, not wishes
9. Avoid procrastination
10. Talk less and listen more. 
11. Avoid toxic people.
12. Don't give up.
13. Set aside the self-limiting beliefs holding you back
14. Get a mentor.
15. Eliminate "bad luck" from your vocabulary.
16. Know your main purpose.

Go check out the full list in detail


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