Monday, August 29, 2016

09.29.2016 Update

These past few days have been kinda weird. I have been studying so much and trying to plan, control and organize my next moves in getting my job going. My current position is at my 9-5 is a Brand Specialist. My job consist of keeping tight knitted relationships with clients and helping them in the process of marketing themselves, their businesses, their events and etc. It's a very fulfilling job, every individual who has a brand or a product needs our services. Yes, you can go around me and work with someone else, another company or even get things yourself but you're most likely going to go through someone to get what you need. That's what me and everyone in my industry is here for, to serve.

My blog has really become a reflection of my life. I am currently working on the money growing part now as well. I really want to be able to provide for my family the way I see other father's who I respect provide for their families. I'm guess I can say I am trying to be like them. A responsible man, the rock of the family, the provider, thee man. Most of the fathers I look up to, have put themselves in financial places of stability to provide a great life for their families and that takes a lot of hard work and money.

Money is not the all of life but it's very important to have, especially being american. I find it strange when people talk about money like it's not that serious to have or it's not that important. Those are the same people who stress out a lot or always need something from someone when the times get tuff. Money gives us choices, freedom, experience, things we can only dream of having. Life is ruff with out it, but there is nothing wrong with going to through this faze of life and I understand how it empowers the individual. But when you're going through it and you need money and you need help, it's no fun. NOT AT ALL. You gotta ask for a ride, you have to budget, you have to think when your in line to get food. You have to think about how long clothes last and try not to damage your stuff because you know you cannot replace if you mess it up. There is a lot of thought that goes into not having much money. 

There is also this beauty that is aroused when you don't have it. You learn to appreciate small things way more. You learn to humble yourself and learn how to ask for help. You learn to care in a different way because you know you don't have the finances to to return a financial favor and you're truly thankful. You learn to not care about expensive things and unfortunately know that it's not your life yet. 

This is exactly when the mindset turns on and you have to learn the right conversation to have in your mind to keep you moving forward. I personally fight myself sometimes because I am not where I want to be yet. But I Believe I will. I take actions by reading, listening, writing, having great conversations with people, trying out different ways to market what I am selling and giving as much positive advice as I can to people. As a human being, I feel like we as people need to have a more positive attitude and positive outlook. I am nothing but a guy who believes in  making a difference by being positive and optimistic. We all have a choices in life and I believe we all need to choose the positive. 

You may not be rich, but I'm not rich. You may not have much to give, much to share. But you have you. You're energy, your attitude and that alone can help so many people just by being who you are and keeping the faith that it's going to turn out great. That's just what I feel. I think smiling a lot, being thankful to wake up in the fucking morning and breathing is worthy of a great day. If you can not think of anything positive about a day, go watch someone get their head cut off and see how you feel. I bet you'll feel great knowing that's not you.

Let 's start this week off with a bang. Go day Monday everyone.
Let's make something positive happen with week. 

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