Sunday, August 14, 2016

08.14.2016 Update...

I hope you all had a great and powerful week. My week was pretty powerful, I've been working on my personal goals and staying as consistent. If you notice on my blog on the right hand side, I've posted more this year then I ever have since i've been blogging. I'm proud of my consistency and it's feel good try try and give value to the world the best way I can.

So for the update, this week I started my Mr. Compressed Tee instagram. I don't know if I talked about it previously, but it's been a project I have been wanting to do since I started working at my current job and I finally got it going. If your reading this, I would appreciate a follow @MrCompressedtee, I follow back. If your really down, leave a message and tell me you were from my blog. That would really blow my mind.

My goal for this Mr Compressed Tee instagram is to first see myself stay consistent. Second is to do a proof study and see if I can build a niche instgram and see if I get results from being consistent. This is more of a case study for myself just to see if there is an outcome. If there is or isn't thats fine. My ultimate goal is to find ways to stay busy and creative. This seems like a great avenue for keeping my mind going and push me to try different creative things to do with it. Another goal I have for it as well is to be able to display how I can run a instgram if it does turn into something. If I begin getting lots of orders or getting lots of traffic this  instagram, I plan to use it as a stable to start building a client list for work. After listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, it's very important to put in the work first, before I start asking people for there money. Jab, Jab, Jab, Punch. The marathon mindset vs the race mindset.

So far I have had two inquiries and I've sent them samples of the compressed tee's. I want to build this instagram naturally. No paid followers, no paid likes but all natural. I'm also thinking to start another channel and pay for followers and likes to see if I get more results from that. I feel like I my get more traffic faster but I need to find out for myself first to make any actual decisions. I will get back to you once I decide what niche I want to build it around.

I will continously keep you guys updated on the results I'm getting from it. Oh as you can see, I started a youtube channel for it as well. I going to start cleaning everything up and make it all strategical and more appealing. 

Add me, subscribe or what ever. Thanks 

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