Friday, August 5, 2016

Great Conversation: The Future of Work with Simon Sinek

I appreciate how they go into this conversation about the work place. This conversation needs to be had at work. The workforce system need to be  re-establish to a value based, home based, positive place. The rules of leadership needs to be the more purposeful with the mind of making the people at work the best they can be and want to be. I believe there are a lot of people that want to grow and want to be a great employee and enjoy their job. But the opportunity for that experience is unfortunately to rare. Th mind of people need to change followed with action. 

There are plenty entrepreneurs in this world but entrepreneurs need talented people. The sad thing is when entrepreneurs have those talented people, they do not help the individual become the figure they want to be. Most businesses of the entrepreneurs which is just about every business needs to care about people more and give more value. Work needs to be a place to feel safe, work hard, use your brain, take notes, learn, grow. Its horrible not to be allowed greatness because of other agendas. Work needs to change and this is a great conversation.


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