Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8.9.2016 Update

Lately I have been on a path to trying to figure out how and what I can do to change the world. I listen to so much great information on a daily bases and i still find myself at times not giving more value to the world than I am capable of. I feel like I give but I can give more, I feel like I read but I can read more, I feel like I listen but I can listen more. I am on a mission to change my life and try new things.

One of the things I have began is a new Instagram called " Mr. Compressed Tee ". I started this to start selling my compressed tee shirts online. I've already seen small results from it which still amazes me. I posted two post and I already had someone hit me up  ask if I could make them a compressed tee. It may not mean he is going to buy anything but it feel great to know people are paying attention out in the world. My goal for Mr. Compressed Tee is to be known as the compressed tee shirt guy online. I want to show ways on how compressed tee shirts are really cool for a promotional item. The fact that we can change the shirt into any design we desire is really cool because it allows me not to be limited. It also allows me to be involved in every world because it's for everyone.

I think my calling in life is to help people become rich. I enjoy selling things that have actual value to people, I am understanding the importance of being consistent everyday which is a major key. I have been in sales since I was 15 years old selling The Daily Bulletin door to door. I sold cars at Inland Valley Pontiac Buick Gmc, Crown Toyota. I've sold Sleep Number Beds. I have a lot of knowledge with creating videos, taking pictures. I use to work for Ritz Camera years ago before they closed down all the stores so my experience in looking at a picture and being very judgmental is there. When I use to run my clothing line called DOnUt Do you not them and we opened a store. I use to create videos like crazy for marketing, that taught be how to build up a video and taught me how easy it is. With videography and photography under my belt I understand angles and lines pretty good. These abilities will allow me to help a person who has no experience or since of what a quality picture or video looks like. I also am a huge brain stormer. I like to sit or pace around and come up with ideas. I feel like I can come up with new and different ideas for every single business and I enjoy it. From all the business meetings I've attended and watched allows me to really get in the zone and I have this drive to create to many ideas. I find myself at times giving to many ideas. I love fashion, I also know how to sew and  that's taught me to understand how to construct clothing. From running a mid successful clothing brand and taking sewing classes for a few months. I feel really confident to say what looks good and I believe my opinion matters.

I have many more talents, but I believe one of my best talents is inspiring people. In person I can make a people feel so excited and ready to go. I enjoy talking but one things I've learned and do most is Listen. I've been practicing listening a lot lately and I feel like I have been seeing results. I have people who don't want to leave me alone because all they want to do is talk to me and tell me there visions of what they want to do and what they are trying to do. I am one of those type of people as well, I enjoy talking about getting better, growing being the best I can be and my visions of life and my goals. My escape is blogging or listening to people who I consider more successful than I am and use them to question what I'm doing. My daily goal everyday is to learn or think about something I can make better.

I will continue moving towards my goals and creating content. My focus to to keep moving in the content direction so I can get better by practicing better so I can deliver better context. This is a little break down of me and getting to know who I am. I will begin doing video's of myself soon and work on video content. My goals are rising and my feelings of success are getting better and I feel like it's getting closer to closer because I am working hard by waking up every morning and give value to the world, I am working towards my goals and I am listening to the right people to help me be the best I can be.

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