Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I'm slowly learning the art of copy writing.

One of the most important keys to copy writing is writing. Getting behind the computer screen or pen and paper and spending time writing down thoughts, feelings and ideas.

My challenge is pouring all my feelings out. I meet a guy at a toastmasters class and he gave me some advice.

He told me to be completely honest when I write and make myself vulnerable.

I've been trying and practicing being vulnerable as much as possible. I've noticing myself thinking a lot more when I write to help open me up. The shits, not easy.

When your learning something new and you really have no real clue what your doing. It's like a good challenging feeling.

I'm running a little behind schedule today. I just wanted to get some words up on the blog before I went into work.

I need to keep doing these quick writes to help stay on to of my writing. I have to learn the art of copy to eventually become an author. That's the ultimate goal.

Live the writers life. That's what I'm learning and will become. I'm slowly taking the steps by learning and writing everyday.

Some of my post may not make since all the time, just know I'm practicing and I will eventually be get the author I'm dreaming to become.

Time for work.

Have a great day today.

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