Friday, February 12, 2016

Vibes | Russ - Losin Control

I'm going to get to dropping music for you guys and girls. I am a huge music junkie and I have some music for you to vibe to. I did not create none of this music, but it's music you can find me vibing to on a daily. You will love it, I'm good. 

I'm going to start it off with this song by Russ. It's called Losin control. 

My review: 

I think it's real vibish, the song has this is chill very consistent flow. It's something you can listen to going on a trip somewhere, reading, walking, or just chilling. It has a active feeling to me, there are songs like this that make me want to relax and chill but this make me want to bounce and move. 

Check it out.

Thanks for listening,

What do you think?

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