Friday, December 11, 2015

This is a Must watch video

This video gave me a interesting push. I am 32 years old and I find myself mentally beating myself up, because I know I have a bigger calling in life. I feel like I'm am on the right path but I have more to learn, more work to do and more thing to experience. I've really been focusing on myself and my personal goals. I recently start changing the people I associate with outside of work. I am at a point where, I would rather stay at home and read to listen to someone who has a forward thinking mindset or do something constructive like blogging, or creating videos or editing something. For years I would only focus on the cool ideas I had, put in small amounts of effort and expect these huge return/results because I felt like tried hard enough but in reality I didn't. Like this blog for instance, I am changeling myself everyday to wake up at 6am, read, listen, write, exercise and give some type of value to the world. 

I am the captain on a journey and without creating some type of map for myself, I will never discover anything truly satisfying.  With with this new knowledge provided by Gary, I plan to use it. Unlike my past idea's, I am reaching a point to where if I don't begin to work, I will end up like some of my family members and that thought fuckin hunts me. 

Thanks for reading my morning mental release. Have a great and monumental day today. 

Do something that bring value.

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