Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pulp Fiction Action Figures

Pulp Fiction is one of the most recited, thuggish, gangsta, original movies ever written. It was also directed by one of my favorite directors Quentin Tarantino.  

Two words to describe this movie.


These action figures just puts me back into the scenes of each action figure. That scene where Bruce Willis ( Butch) was about to get raped and that other dude in the leather suit in the cage. Samuel L. Jackson (Jules) and John Travolta ( Vincent) had to clean up the blood in the car after they blew that kids brains out in the back seat of their car . Quentin Tarantino ( Jimmy) pissed at Jules and Vincent  for bringing the dead body to his house to hide out.

What a movie, I will always be a huge fan.

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