Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gary's USC Talk

I have been going through each of Gary Vee's videos on a daily basis. It's nice to see how much his business and success changed online. Unlike other people who give great advice and tell you what to do to make your business grow and succeed. Gary has put in so much work, you can basically watch him grow from nothing to something on his youtube channel. This talk he gives to USC entrepreneurs is great, he tells them what they need to hear and it's great to feel like I am sitting in the class with them, sucking up this great knowledge. He is leading by example and I will not stop listening to his shit. Gary's direct approach, is the best approach. 

Since I've been listening to him, it's been assisting me in working and staying on top of my personal goals. This last week I've been jogging, doing push up, blogging, working on being more goal oriented. I think it's funny how I start focusing on my personal goals and getting things done and my sales at work begin to slow down. Since I've been posting on my blogs and trying to create content I have been fuckin suckin at work and I think it's fuckin weird. I am a motorcycle salesman working straight commission and I am currently going through my speed bump. I feel great knowing that I can recognize it is a speed bump and it's bringing out the best in me, which me smile but I need to get these sales increased. 

I always figured when a person begins to focus on their goals, the vibe of life starts to get better, the vibrations start to move towards positive results and money starts to flow. What I think actually happens is the vibration of life tightens and takes all of the air out of you to see how bad you want to succeed. If we as people want change we must fight for it and I think i am learning this right now. This is my testament and I will continue updating my progress of life, work, personal journeys and my many interest. With the right amount of work and the right amount value given, I know my work slump is going to pass and it will make my blog much more interesting. Thanks for reading my morning rant. 

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. 

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