Monday, July 24, 2017

Weed helps...

Weed helps me be creative and lowkey more productive. Especially in the morning. When i wake and bake, I fuckin create with ease. I workout, make breakfast read. exercise, meditate and so on. When I don't smoke, I find myself being more lazy.

I don't know why.

I think the weed may be my motivation. My morning driver to get up and get high.

There is something great in being high, like really. Have you ever been really high and tried to be creative. The shit works. At least it works for me.

I think the world needs a weed day, not for 4/20 but actually a real life weed day and everyone gets high. That day in real life would never happen but think of all the great things that would happen if we did have a weed day.

There would probably be minimum violence. It would be like a time of peace and love. Pure good vibes.

Like really, when have you ever heard of a riot or a big fight at a concert, when it was a smoke fest or something in those lines. Never.

The weed is such a beautiful drug. Like right now at this very moment I'm not high. And the thought of being high right now, just puts a big smile on my face.

I remember those morning when I would wake up at 5am just to be able to smoke and write in the mornings. I would spark up on my patio, look at the mountain and get loaded and start the writing.

I don't know why I just wrote about how I feel about weed, but I did.

Marijuana, I appreciate

If you smoke and have a cool story share it and lets laugh about it.

Until then, I'm out.

ohh and p.s. If my writing is all fucked up and stuff, I didn't reread it.

Good night...

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