Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Non-stop research

These past few days I've been doing nothing but researching copy writing. I am submerging myself into this world. 

I've been receiving great advice from many, many, many people. One of my main takeaways is to start doing work for free for my friends and family. 

Once I get some work started and completed. I'll get my portfolio together and build start moving forward with what I feel will be my new career.

To be 110% honest I'm really nervous. I really don't know what the hell to do. I just know I am a salesman, I really love to write and I've always been the guy trying to do advertising for someone. 

Copy writing seems as thought it would challenge me and make me really apply myself more than ever. 

I went to this toast masters meet up yesterday and this guy asked me "Why do I like to write". I've never had someone ask me that question before and it through me off a little. I sat there for a few seconds to figure out the real reason why and all I could say was I just really enjoy doing it. Writing makes me feel good. It gets me out of my bed in the morning and keep me up at night. 

I don't try to write when I write, I just write. It's also a really great feeling of completion. I've get really lazy at times and I fuck around on social media a lot and there are days I feel like I didn't so shit. 

When I write, I know what I have to do and I know what it takes to finish. Writing makes me feel good because I have complete control over it. It's either I do it or I don't and that's it. No grey areas, no one else to blame, no excuses, it is what it is. You know what you must do to get through whatever your writing by getting to the end. 

I believe this new copywriting venture will work out great. All I know is that I must keep writing and doing work for people. And allow my skills to grow through practice and persistence. 

Wish me luck, 
until the next post.

Have a Great Day today...

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