Thursday, June 15, 2017

Starting a book club.

These past few days me and my good friends Pro have been working with each other for the past few years. We've been inspiring each other and have become each others support system and great friends. 

He's been working on this project called " Bigger Vision " for the past few years and hasn't quite taken it to the next level yet. He's been planning things, working on things and really wants to create a foundation for inspiration and community. 

Recently, I've been drilling in his head he's gotta do more. He's gotta put more things on the board and fail as fast as possible. He has been thinking and talking more, then actually doing. To be honest, I kinda reached a point when I was like bruh, either get serious about this shit or quit and do something else. We've gone back and forth and I think, I've finally pushed through to his head and get him doing more moving.

For some reason we had a discussion yesterday about reading books and we start shooting different ideas to work on. It started off with him saying he was selling some website to people and he was working on some other things. I'm really not sure how the conversation got into books but I ended up saying we need to start a book club. He was like "oh shit, let's do it".

Me being who I am was like not we need to set a date and time as well if we're going to really do this. So we came up with Sunday nights at 9pm-9:30pm to talk about a chapter. The book we decided to start with is Grant Cardones " The 10X Rule". We figured this book would be best because we both had it and wouldn't have to worry about any excuses for not getting this started. 

The goal we came up with is to read and discuss a chapter a week. Every Sunday night we will talk about what we learned form the chapter and our takeaways. Pro has already began brining people aboard. I'm really excited about this. 

We are both, book readers to a certain degree. Meaning we both read a occasion but not consistently.  Hopefully we can use this club as a way to work on our consistency and use the information to help us grow as individuals. 

We're going to call the book club " The Bigger Vision Book Club". 

If you're looking to join please email me at and we'll slide you in the group.

I'll keep you posted in what I'm learning and the progress of the new book club.

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