Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's catch up. 7 vital things

So the past few months I have been moving around and getting myself in order. I've recently moved to San Diego for a change in my life and an escape from the Inland Empire for a while or possibly forever. It been a fuckin struggle though. I got this job at this company( not going to drop names) but it's a construction company and I sell stuff. I originally got this job because I was told about all this money I could make. I didn't realize all the fun and joy I would give up. It sounded like a great idea at first, I could make a few $100k's a year, I would have great leadership to help guide me, their very supportive but it didn't turn out that way. I was under the assumption that I would be working with clients that knew what they wanted and I would just be assisting in the process and closing deals. Come to find out I have to drive all over the city, create custom designed layouts, have no real support, no leadership, more like dictatorship, all bad. 

Now I consider myself a creative person, I create video's, to take pictures, they come out pretty nice. I've designed motorcycles, I've designed clothes, I know my lane. I know myself very well and designing layouts is not what I do and it's really been fuckin me up. Some people like to draw, I really don't, just like some people like reading or writing. Some people skinny girls some don't, some people like thick girls some don't. You should never have to force yourself into to something you don't like, especially if it's going to cost you your motivation or joy of living. 

This experience was needed, it's taught me 7 vital things which i think are very important to living and growing.

1. Smile, laugh and be around positive people all the time.
2. Money is important but not worth giving up joy and happiness.
3. Try to be around your family, friends or supportive people when your going through tuff times.
4. Hard work pays off but It may not give you the results you want. But you will have results.
5. Appreciate the small things.
6. Never give up on your self and your goals.
7. Now is always the time.

It feels good to get back on my blog. Thank you to my current followers, I see you checking in occasionally. 

I'm back.

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