Monday, April 24, 2017

It's been a while..

To the few people who have been hanging on and waiting for me to post. I'm back again.

I go on my blog escapades but I always find myself sinking right back. I've been running this blog for years and it's feels so good to have this space of mine.

I have so many memories of my life on here. I have so many things I've tried to teach on One thing I've noticed on here is that I always continue to try. Trying makes my life feel so much better and complete.

It's probably bad to that I try so much stuff. But I don't give a damn.

I've learned how to care for people more, how to trust people more and how to love better than I ever have in my life. Trying has led me to personal success. I have many failures and trying things that didn't work in my favor. But to me, it's always been worth the risk.

It does suck, when it sucks though.  Like really,sucks. $2.16 in the bank account with a son a d a wife at home is never a good feeling. Being in that situation has taught me to, always stay positive and keep the best attitude possible.

I'm so determined to succeed in this life of mine. I don't care about going through the shit. The shit is apart of life. I'm really starting to really realize that. Like really, think about the bullshit we go through, time to time. We think to ourselves, Fuucckkk. And after it's all said and done. Nothing really happens but the lessons we learn.

I've learned from trying to read many different books to re adjust the situation by asking myself questions...


What did I learn from that experience?

What really the most  important thing in my life?

What if I just died right now, is this that serious?

What do I have right now that I'm happy about?

Who do I care about enough to work harder for.

Those few questions have kept me strong and moving the most positive direction of my life. Life is great right now.

I'm definitely going to keep this thing going. I always miss blogging.

I'm growing and I have a long road ahead of me to reach the point, I see in my mind of me. I'm will always fight the good fight and I hope you all, are fighting with me.


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